Saturday, 31 October 2015

Another 'general'.

Turkey has it's vote on Sunday.

If Turkey chooses Erdogan at the polls this weekend, Isis will gain strength and the refugee crisis will worsen:

And more in depth:

Turkey election: Why do these polls matter and will there be another hung parliament?

The Turkish government has been known to be becoming tyrannical, notably jailing a group of teenagers who ripped up a few posters of 'President' Erdogan.

It seems lately that 'votes' are not going in favour of the cabal.

You have Portugal, whom voted for two left wing anti EU parties that have a majority, whom the President is not allowing to form a government so the right wing minority government will collapse in about nine days.

Eurozone crosses Rubicon as Portugal's anti euro left banned from power:

Portugal risks becoming 'ungovernable' as conservative government set to collapse after just 11 days

11 days? This parliamentary vote will be at the next 'new moon' (November 11th). The election happened about four days before the full moon that means the drama over this happened over the full moon. This one matches quite well!

Then you have Poland, whom also voted for what sounds like a left wing anti austerity party that doesn't like immigration. (The irony, there are some very attractive Polish women here. A harmless comment I think that was censored from the Guardian TWICE.) This from the somewhat propaganda based Guardian:

Poland lurches to the right with election of Law and Justice party

Turkey is key to the war in Syria (and by extension the global economic game). The alliances are as follows (although if you may very well already know): United States, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, vs. Russia, Iran, Syria, and now most probably Iraq as well. The Turkish explosion of late saw many go and protest the government believing that the event was a 'false flag' so it is unlikely the Turkish regime will last this election:

Turkey bomb blasts: government blamed as thousands take to streets in Ankara:

The US is now trying to put boots on the ground in Syria for what ever reason that may be simply to save face now that the Russians are going to obliterate ISIS.

However, without Turkey as a regional ally, or any effort to 'rig the vote' or set up 'constituational' problems and we can safely assume that the fallout will make it difficult for that government to continue.

This all fits with what I have said already. We are between full moon and closing square and the event at the top of the full moon for me was the house of Lords voting down the tax credit cuts. Some writers billed this as a time when the Conservatives would suffer a backlash and just today, soon after the tax credit votes (of which that backlash against the Conservatives continues), here is yet another story:

Peers could block police powers to access internet browsing histories:

What this means is that it is HAPPENING NOW! The backlash has begun and the governments, the EU and the markets are about to fall. As I scanned Guardian for articles I also saw this story:

Greek banks must find extra EZ14bn to survive economic downturn.

... and this is not all. Deutsche bank is 6bn light. Shell have announced massive profit losses. In fact, as I wrote this I realised I need to keep better tabs on these stories!

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