Friday, 2 October 2015

The good guys seem to be winning.

In the Middle East at least. Putin is ACTUALLY taking military action against ISIS, rather than, like a Putin ally has claimed America was doing... Pretending.

Also, it does not look like, at this moment, the DOW will go below the 15,666 line timed at the closing quarter of the blood moon. If we look at the patterns of that, starting with the new moon (election of Corbyn), first quarter (loads of stuff), full moon (three stuck out) and now the closing moon is likely to follow on from that pattern which include the 'corruption of the media', which is always a theme atm when transiting Chiron is involved.

Nevertheless, the 'truth' is becoming more and more obvious and the release of the very bad manufacturing data, then there being a good old fashioned rally... It defies belief; surely there must be consequences of so agressively avoiding reality!?

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