Thursday, 22 October 2015

Few Points Part 2. Global events - Astrology.

So. To summarise a previous piece, Floating city appears in China then Chinese turn up in England.

Then, something I don't believe I covered, is that after this, the floating city turns up briefly in Hastings, England.

(Again with the stupid naming):

Express: First China, now 'parallel universe floating city' appears in HASTINGS:

So, we see a pattern here, now look at this story:


To summarise, the tax credit cuts, which will effect many of the 'working poor' (oh NOW there's an outcry) in a hugely 'poverty increasing' way, has met rebellion in the house of Lords.

In England, voting starts in the House of Commons and then traditionally the House of Lords passes it through without incident.

But not this time, this time the House of Lords plans to block the motion, Cameron is apparently furious and since he controls this gig, has threatened to flood the Lords with Tories, as it is currently made up of Labour, Lib Dem and Tory. (Of which some of those Conservatives are actually against the tax credits, what he means is 'vassals')

This is a big event. This could be as big as the US debt ceiling and close down the government for some period. Of course the mainstream media is almost ignoring it.

Then we have some news from Syria. Putin/ Assad have played quite the blinder and are A) negotiating with 'terrorists' in Syria, most likely the ones US have been funding and Putin has been bombing, whom have every incentive now to switch sides. Or join ISIS, either way not being much of a threat since that is either co- operation or annhilation and no more use to the United States.

Tass: Putin convinced Assad ready for dialogue with opposition.

This has lead to a complete climbdown by the US, B) Another thing they are doing is calling an election for Assad, this effectively stops all US agendas in removing Assad, though some other allies of the US and it's Middle East representatives are trying to create trouble, it is not likely at this point:


Zerohedge: Russia/ Assad plan new elections in Syria as US, Saudi's meet Lavrov in Vienna:

Provy war no more, Qatar threatens military intervention in Syria alongside 'Turkish, Saudi brothers'

What is interesting here is that these actors are hemmed in by Foreign policy concerns as to have it look outrightly awful if they follow what their true agenda is (for the US et al.)

Tying it all together:

So tying this all into astrology, the new moon on October 13th has passed it's first square and will become a full moon on 27th October (next Tuesday). WHO KNOWS at this point what will be happening in Syria, but it is the date when Cameron will be recieving the result of the Lords vote on Monday.  So it is a firework day (The new moon started opposing Uranus, and the speed of Putins behaviour suggests my interpretation at the time was correct.)

Just to throw another thing in here wikileaks are releasing a former head of the CIA's emails. This is important. (Remember that David Wilcocks explanation of events includes data dumps at the same time as a stock crash).

In seriousness, I'm making my own decisions in that area, but DW is a trusted source. (Whom may have been manipulated I don't know).

Last point:

Where I normally talk about this area is in relation to the stock market. Consider this article:

Expert that correctly predicted market moves in July, August and September says stocks will crash in November:

So, perhaps this is right perhaps it isn't, I like the idea of it being right, it gives a good time and the guy talked about seems to know his stuff (also, that who would likely bring through accurate information on this sort of stuff synchronistically? The guy who runs a blog called 'The economic collapse blog' perhaps?

However, align this with what we know so far.

A) Potential constitutional crisis in United Kingdom and United States: (Really, the main two players in negative elite heirarcy, aside from perhaps France and Germany, main ones in market rigging terms).

B) War in Syria: that the 'cabal', the G5 nations have in every sense of the word completely lost, and which develops incredibly quickly and has any number of inevitable side effects that will crush the cabal.

C) The 'real economy' crumbling: some of this info is in Michael Snyders article above, however, this is not hard to come by. Glencore, Noble, Trafigura, British Steel works, Wal Mart, Barclays... I could go on, in fact there are many whom are far worse, however, I do not need to make this point. Suffice to say in 'real terms', in real manufacturing and finance terms, the economy is CTD. Stocks only need to catch up.

D) As previously mentioned low oil prices could collapse the US vassal Saudi Arabia, whom are waging a war in Yemen to stop the revolution from beginning.

It goes on. However, the overlying astrology and synchronicity is that the next new moon is on November 11 (11/11, no I'm not making this all up.) This October 13th date which was the date the Chilean Miners came out which I have already written on.

There is also the EU and the debt problem (I.e. Greece and any number of countries) that is not going away!

It seems likely, that it is coming... Soon!

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