Thursday, 8 October 2015

Dream pushing change of course.

Or also explaining that a change of course is inevitable.

I had a dream where I was engaging in a lot of activities that I essentially had to stop doing.

It could be a reference to my Bring4th blog. But I am not sure of that.

Regardless, it didn't say that I should do one thing over another, only that I cannot do certain things now.

So I may fall back into what I felt before was 'positively polarised'. Or I may not be able to do those activities still. I am risking intuitions coming up but... It doesn't really matter, there is no choice. Otherwise it is that old saying about 'flogging a dead horse'.

Stopping looking at markets so much? Possibly. Nothing is going on with them anyway. They are so rigged, it's the difference between reading a newspaper that is mostly propaganda and has the occasional good story, to having the management change and it is suddenly all propaganda.

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