Sunday, 18 October 2015

Here we go again!:

The New Moon opposing Uranus is not disappointing:

Express and this badly titled piece:

Did parallel universe open up? Hundreds see 'floating city' filmed in skies above China

So... A city appears in the sky above China, the video is BREATHTAKING!!!

Standard 'breakaway civilization' stuff IMO. Civilisations that broke off and formed by themselves from Mayans, Atlanteans etc. (Another 'Stargate' data point).

Firstly; they are obviously often cloaked up in the sky and the cloak came down briefly. Second; I think that the Buddhist centre I used to volunteer at works with these entities, partly because I aurically saw some sort of ship outside the building. Thirdly; this was in China, which possibly/ most probably relates to this:

Britain has made 'visionary' choice to become China's best friend, says Xi

This again is hugely important for a large number of reasons;

It is unprecedented in relationship change in geo- politics. The American administration has de- facto lost power now.

It hints that when the crash happens, the Chinese might have an easier time converting the rest of the world to a gold backed Yuan currency, that further means the crash might be less unpleasant than it would be if the G5 countries went through hyperinflation. Another piece on this from about a month ago (at the previous opening moon square), specified that UK would have Yuan denominated debt on its books:

Britain to be China's 'bridge' into western markets, says George Osborne:

This is all interesting, it means the crash may be a little worse in America, whom are apparently more stubborn, than England!

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