Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Is Christmas coming early?

With this pressure on Tories around tax credits, where holding onto the establishment line isn't being rewarded anymore I'm starting to wonder:

Is this the beginning of the return of karma?

I have noticed in my personal life this trend as well.

Think of it like this, before someone could start a conversation on Syria and the establishment clone would say that ISIS is a grave threat, but it is nothing to do with the Americans who are trying their damnedest, and that Syria is a grave problem and Assad needs to go, Russia is a tyrant, and British industry is in a temporary bear market but will recover.

And say there was a truthseeker there, trying to say that ISIS is funded by the Americans, that Assad's pipeline is wanted by the Americans which is why they started ISIS. That Assad had problems with Americans trying to support a coup etc.

But that second person could easily be written off by the establishment clone, and the group is generally against the second view.

Now however, regardless of how they scream and whine about too much 'benefits' being paid, lazy scroungers, the horrifying President Putin and Assad... Truth be told, when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter, because that sort of false moral highgrounding doesn't. The good now has the greater power. Russia is gaining allies in the Middle East, wiping out ISIS and showing the Americans to not have been bombing ISIS.

Is this energetic pattern happening all round? Where the establishment is dying in the physical it's satanic strength is dying in everyday conversation?

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