Friday, 2 October 2015

Interesting research

To basically back up a lot of what a lot of people have already been saying (About the EU etc.) Here's a famed 'cycle predictor'. Martin Armstrong:

This guy is popular because his models are apparently extremely accurate.

This cycle predicts the power of the government, and that it has just peaked. Essentially, if we were to integrate this, the fact that America's foreign policy has become a living joke is timed to the 'structure of the Universe' and now is on the decline.

Another line from Martin that perhaps explains why an 'economic crash' is necessary:

'The bulk of the people cannot be persuaded to change camps until there is a real full-blown economic implosion. This is true in all free political nations.'

To summarise, people are basically on autopilot. IMO in ALL ethical matters, until something big shakes them up!

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