Saturday, 3 October 2015

Personal success...!

This seemed to be since I started looking at the Corey and DW info again. I had wanted to keep into the conspiracy and maintain a basically STS path (for me) to escape the eventual intuition to call the girl, but I got to the point where my brain kind of dissolved and I ended up just going back to DW etc.

But I feel good atm. The problem I talked about before that would threaten my 'survival' has gone. This might have been a small negative accompaniment to the rise in service to others vibration and the two things that have changed in relation are:

After a while of not masturbating I feel really good and am not quite so effected by the 'higher chakra' thoughts and feelings. Having a bit of lower energy to keep me busy. The secret to this is no sexual thoughts or behaviour AT ALL.

Certain discipline in certain thoughts.

Dreams guiding me to eat better, I had slipped in minor ways. For instance, soya always makes me feel stressed and I enjoyed that stress because I kind of have a bit of a stress addiction. I used to enjoy decaf soya lattes but I am stopping those now. This helps me relate to others better since the underlying stress is not a good thing. 

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