Saturday, 3 October 2015

Closing moon square... I think we roughly say what it means now.

So, it's quite obvious, with all the news about what is going on. (It is a day off the closing square, but like Corbyn being elected as Labour party leader the day of the previous new moon, a day off some of these transits is not unexpected.)

I said that transiting Chiron opposing the sun on the new moon was going to mean one of the themes of this square would be 'media corruption', and that is an obvious part of all this.

Russia and Syria... Enough said.

But to say just a little more. ISIS could be destroyed in a matter of days not weeks. Making the false war on ISIS from the US military all the more obvious. MSM commentators are going to have as much trouble justifying that, (if they even bother), as crop circle critics have had, perhaps more. Maybe US planes were slowed from striking ISIS position because of a band of hedgehogs, all piled on top of each other and martyring themselves onto the windsheilds of upcoming planes.

There are a few other trends of less global importance. Part of the negative agenda obviously includes paedophilia, and this, as well as other issues such as nuclear weapons, has caused an outcry from all political activists over the behaviour of the BBC in this matter. Some of these people on the left, have only EVER had anything bad to say about the right wing press (BBC is known to be left), but it's too obvious now. (However, discussion especially amongst the left about the corruption of ALL MSM has been rife recently since Corbyn seemed to recieve a comical amount of abuse from the right wing papers as well)

There is also a real political party grouping in the UK behind the 'out' vote. 'Out' of the EU. This is obviously significant although I have had trouble imagining how we will get all the way until next year before the EU and it's member states go bankrupt... Belly up... And the way of the old Soviet Union. (Quite the karma, since Russia is pushing against the 'cabal')

Does this square with some of my more outlandish suggestions about October 13th new moon? It brings a different perspective to me because the new moon is an energy that is set for the whole month. Therefore, if there is truth to that Chilean miners analogy, it will take place over the whole of that moon cycle IMO.

The main thing in the next cycle is that this time the new moon is opposite URANUS. Uranus is the big 'revolution'/ technical thinking sort of planet. When it first in 2008 squared with Pluto is when we had the tension leading to the 2008 crash. And when we had the last of seven square recently between Pluto and Uranus, (the day of the re- (s)election of Netanyahu), was when the feeling of good vs. evil was at an intense crescendo IMO and experience.

So with this next new moon we will see the moving forward of Uranus, unimpeded by Pluto. That's gotta be a month to remember!

The new moon is also set for Jupiter trine Pluto. So the system will be making huge announcements and making a big deal of how 'big' they are, like they perhaps are doing now. However, Uranus will continue without being effected by this.

Venus square Saturn, where real world social things will effect us in relation to feminity vulnerability and love.

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