Friday, 2 October 2015

Also (and note).

I believe that the pattern I have been caught in is a very sophisticated web of lies etc.

It will take a LOT to bring it down and start making a dent in this. A lot of removal of the negative from the earth 'plane'.

And conversely, a LOT of energy being shown the 'light'.

If I fail, and there is a chance I will with some recent developments IMO. I draw some small comfort that those whom have moved against me will not escape their actions. Moreso they will not be able to if I pull through. But there will still be some residual karma if things have gone bad and they don't have to face me!

(Note: I had the value for the August low incorrect. The low is not where the day ended at 15,666 but the lowest point of the day which was 15370)

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