Thursday, 18 February 2016

Syria part 1: The Second Cold War.

First, a note on current events:

Some time last year, the world watched as Greece went to and fro, deal after deal after negotiation. It's populace waiting out on the streets asking... Is there going to be a deal? Are Greece going to leave the Euro? Is our suffering coming to an end... Or just beginning.

It always seemed to be just beginning as Alexis Tsipras went through that agonisingly slow process of eventually caving to this giant beast that is the EU.

Well done Alexis.

Now, we in England, and likely, as in Greece, many places in the world, are watching the same sort of thing...

More talks. Negotiation. From some people whom could easily have manipulative agendas.

David Camerons 're- negotiations'. To create terms under which would create the terms for an EU 'in' option, are being painstakingly talked over.

... Will we have a deal by mid Friday? ... Then a meeting with Conservative MP's late Friday.

... No! The talks will probably go on until Saturday. No Sunday.

... If Cameron cannot agree a deal then the whole thing could be put off until next month.


The second cold war.

So, lets go a little into history:

Politics is rarely about what is happening on the surface. Often, especially around issues such as the cold war, it is about competing secretive factions who are vying for some truly nasty aims. But to shorten them down, to complete any of these aims these powers need control of resources and people. So they seek 'conquest'.

The political game is fairly simply rigged when the system was still working according to negative specifications. The left wing wants to put all power in the hands of the governments/ banks and create a kind of Orwell superstate or perpetual poverty. This group specialises in pharmaceuticals, LGBT, Green causes and left wing in general (communist ideas etc). Going back to the Rothschilds and Soros types.

The right wing, in the negative is based on all the power being in the hands of corporations and the military; extortionate capitalism, no unions, and real fascism like the kind experienced in Nazi Germany. (Bush, Blair).

Recently, non negative beings on both wings have raised. But this is how it works when everything is rigged by those negative beings.

In the Cold war, you had power clearly concentrated in the left wing of these alternatives in Russia, and the right wing was in America. These two co- operated together and overthrew countries on behalf of their chosen religion. The plan was was to turn half the worlds countries to communism and half to capitalism. Then pulling these two groups together, America and Russia working together, you would then have a New World Order. An uneasy alliance of negative people, undoubtably both intending to double cross the other, to secure dominion over the entire earth.

However, it did not work out like that, the Russian side got overthrown. Even though negative elements remained in the Russian government right up until the 90's, at the end of the detente period, (which was supposed to lead to agreement and this New World Order) the Russian government had a quiet revolution and the Americans called it off.

Followed up in Part 2!

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