Sunday, 21 February 2016

EU referendum, what's going on part 2

Another quick note.

It seems that Boris Johnson has joined Vote Leave and is showing more of a leaning towards voting to leave and then a 'renegotiation'.

So 1) Vote Leave detracts from the real freedom seekers Grassroots Out, for the official nomination, 2) They want to leave the EU, and then vote again to return on the basis of a better negotiation.

Boris will have been transitioned in as leader. Having fought down the EU where Cameron 'failed'.

This is probably why Vote - Leave will not mention immigration. The trade rules they talk about can probably be changed, after all, it's only money.

But the sovereignty aspect and whatever the EU's obsession with open borders (drug trade?) Will not be changed under these circumstances, and Vote- Leave can still be said to 'win'!

I do not know if this situation is static or fluid. It might be that someone will change their mind, turn against Vote Leave and/ or go over to Grassroots Out. Or it might be that these people have planned it all to a 't' and are in on it.

A fire just erupted in China, possibly this shows the cabal are still angry at China which is good, they must be doing something.

Also, Reuters reported the Russians and Syrian army have taken back 18 villages in Southern Aleppo. So they are moving forward!

(Later edit, it appears Vote- Leave have made statements to the effect they do not want a second referendum!:

I will mention though that apparently a Telegraph article by Boris Johnson does seem to point this way though.

However, I read this telegraph article and there is no hint of that.

However, furthermore, despite that, this may be an indication of what he really thinks (does indicate he wants deal and not out):

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