Sunday, 18 June 2017

Biology of the left/ Our movement forward.

So, there is an attack today on some Muslims being driven through by some anti Islam types... Took long enough. I wonder if any of the Muslims who were killed ever went on an anti terror march or spoke against similar attacks happening against Westerners in any way.

Statistically, every last one of them should have believed that homosexuality is illegal.

False flag? Likely, the timing is too suspicious. There are of course attacks that happen that are not false flags though. I'm not even sure, as previously stated, that Glenfell is a false flag.

Nevertheless, today we start to negotiate our removal from the EU. Very, very exciting times! If of course we do in fact do that.

I'll be very interested in hearing any update on immigration.

Biology of the left:

I have been thinking recently how female biology works so in tandem with leftist thought. This has been forming for a long time, but one of the things that made me notice the idea was when I was on a blog of a girl that was meant to be, and seemed to be according to her twitter, very right wing with a respect for the free market. Talking about education in very left wing terms about proper funding of it etc. and no mention of privatisation or moving it out of the public/ brainwashing sector. (When I mentioned this she said she was 'left wing on this particular issue'. I.e. so taxation still happens for the issue you prefer?)

Other very entrenched speakers on the so called "right wing" such as Cassandra McKelwain also have the same idea when it come to Trump. Although Trump is apparently right wing free market one of the things he was talking about that attracted her was in Iraq they would build schools and these schools would keep getting destroyed, and, for the money that was going to destroying these schools and keeping the country at war America could build additional schools.

Well, yet again, public sector. Real believers in the free market do not want to keep schooling in the public sector because that would scream: "taxation". However, biologically women prioritise children, so when it comes to schooling these supposedly "right wing" girls turn against those principles.

The ideology of "virtue signalling" and "taking offence at every minor slight" is part of the same pattern as well. I do not know why girls, especially young girls virtue signal. I have met very, very few young girls I would consider particularly moral, and I have met quite a few I would consider amoral, or: "moral when it is convenient to them"! But nevertheless they do, they hold up "compassion" as a value and explain why they are so "compassionate" or "loving" in relation to xyz issue.

As regards to demographics, younger people are far more likely to be left and pro globalist. Women are more likely to be left and pro globalist than men. Black people are the most likely to be left wing.

So young women are very, very likely to be left wing. The way they defend themselves from guys they do not want attention from, is to take offence at things and not deal with the person any further. This is the mindset that has grown to the free speech targeting university students and mainstream media reporters.

Which means that it will never really go away this ideology. Also, what about these men who are left wing or even worse, that truly despicable sort of person... the "male feminist".

Young men in our leftist driven schools trying to virtue signal when women, by their nature, are not on your side really as a young man, are one of the areas where this disgusting, and destructive, feminist ideology can really destroy the psyche.

When karma comes, and it will come, it will come collectively not individually, and scores of women and "male feminists" will have their "feelings hurt" by seeing the real life conspiracy we are living under. It will be glorious.

It has struck me that the forums and other forums that have had a female ascendancy that have thrown out Trump commenters etc. I cannot think of a way that any karma will move against them as the world currently is. has many, many courses, and free services and computer generated readings. They have gained a position of power where you can go on their site, receive free articles and charts, and the site asks nothing back from you. Therefore you cannot withdraw you money or insist on any specific change in service in relation to being a customer.

Possibly there will be some karma here, for instance, if new developments in spiritual and metaphysical thought mean that certain beliefs of these people will be gone, such as rulerships and progressions. Or that astrology itself might change to a more advanced system like the human design chart! Thus robbing these women of their self perceived spiritual- moral high ground.

That would not be satisfying though, for the crime of censoring people and banning them from a forum for pro Trump speech, I would like to see every part of the company "ended". But then that probably will not happen. If I ever get money though I could start up an opposing astrological forum and properly moderate it.

However, very little is happening as of yet, so we're just watching the inching forward of a more positive agenda!

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