Friday, 1 January 2016

From Bring4th. How Don could have survived? (and general) (updated)

Reject love.


Since he was fifth density he often could not use that energy. When a high vibration sixth density is around they send you energy which increases your vibration, you repeat high wisdoms, then there is no one to recieve this wisdom unless there is a suitable 5D around.

I suspect one of the things that is going to become obvious as the 'veil' lifts is that 5D's and 6D's can't be in an equal relationship together, not if vibration is going to increase. They can where love is important but not intimacy, such as a familial relationship.

On another good note detailed on my blog is how I did some number play synchronicity wise and showed before it went on to happen that the rigging (showed by satanic synchronicities) is becoming less effective. It was VERY ineffective yesterday.

Update: Now for the real strange part of all this. Firstly, to say I see things in a very 'inhuman' way, compared with the sixth density whom seems to see everything as real, and relevant and alive.

A lot of my thoughts are divided up into this and that karmic pattern. I have learnt through trial and error that people generally don't object to what I say, and that when I want to express something I cannot contain myself often.

Take this as a not necessarily true expression of myself and what is relevant to me rather than what is true (Standard free will clause?)

Anyway, after that 'excess verbiage' I wondered if Don felt Carla didn't love him, under this 5D model I am working with, because he was subconsciously trying to block the energy from coming in.

It seems to me a fairly obvious thing to know or not know, as an energy even, so that's something that just popped into my head about it.

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