Friday, 22 January 2016

GE 2015

I have just written a post on the electoral rigging of the Scots Indy.

That was as more professional post, the next thing I'm going to write is moreso my emotional impression with less hard evidence to back it up.

The reason I found that information on the Scots Indy, was because I suspected very strongly that the General Election of 2015 was also rigged.

Despite what I heard in this video, and no doubt what the woman here was told, we know from the recent Oldham by election that the Postal vote is actually recorded separately from the vote at the polling station. So a freedom of information request could yield interesting results.

There were several reason I thought this, but mostly it came from Nigel Farage's constituency in South Thanet. Firstly, there was an inconsistency in a landslide win for councillors, whereby, a Conservative MP was voted in and a UKIP council.

Now this is a strange idea to me. Most people, unless they believe in a cause like perhaps the 'green' cause, vote the same for their councillors as they do for their MP's. The only reason people would vote Labour and then a green councillor is to 'stop the Tories' getting in and then vote for the councillor of their stated cause.

However, this would be the wrong thing to do in this constituency, if someone wanted Labour to avoid the seat, and Labour I think were nowhere near that seat, they would vote for Farage, especially if they voted for the Councillor they 'believed in', with the UKIP party leader in that seat.

Also, Conservative are the dyed in the wool establishment. UKIP are very anti establishment. They share a common narrative on 'market forces' (lip service in the Tories case IMO) but mostly these two parties are different on almost everything. Mostly, if someone has gotten over the 'racist' gibes of the news services, they have seen that the establishment is a bunch of lies and made peace with that. They do not vote for UKIP despite establishment propaganda and then vote for Conservatives on the word of that same propaganda.

The whole argument looks to get a little bit of a hearing here, however, that is not the whole issue but an argument about party funding in the area. Who knows if it's even accurate with all the lies going around or if someone just wanted an excuse to undo the rigging in the area.

There were other issues with this, I will not be able to source it but I heard that the electoral officers took the ballot boxes in South Thanet somewhere else for six hours before counting, there are pictures of 'Farage vote 1' and 'Farage vote 2' with the former almost full and the latter almost empty.

However, the rest of the election, with the Lib Dems all getting slaughtered, even Vince Cables constituency, it all just seems 'off'.

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