Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Putting together a little info. But basic.

A run down on my thoughts of global game at the moment:

I follow markets and global politics. For example. I have personally noticed that when equities fall there is a targeted terrorist strike somewhere in the world

... After the August 20 drop of world markets there was a terrorist attack in France and bombing of Tianjin (drop was started by yuan devaluation. Even though the port of Tianjin wasn't the main target IMO, the destruction of a port = targetting the increase of exports from the devalued yuan, was significant from the standpoint of creating a cover story and intimidation.) 

After the early - mid November drop there was the economist magazine precognicised Nov 13 Paris attack. This lead to the increase in weapons buying that saved world markets again. Most recently, we had a real drop from Yuan devaluation again and Turkey's attack allowed a crude ramp but really the German citizens being killed was likely a message to Merkel not to stop refugee/ illegal immigration since certain criminal groups need help shoring up their dying illegal drug empire. 

The MSF hospital in Afghanistan being one of the drug smugglers in the area, the Mexican recently arrested and other things being done by more positive but secretive groups determined to undermine a vast criminal structure.

Mostly though I follow markets: On 11th Jan FTSE was 1.75% off 2015 lows, DOW was 6.27% off 2015 lows and DAX, that German economy with much industry that is surely CTD with the complete stoppage of the Dry Baltic Index was 2.94% off August lows.

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