Sunday, 4 December 2016

The left, the moral dregs of society.

So I woke up to this today:

Breitbart: Austria Presidential Election: Early Polls Show Victory For Green Candidate

I couldn't believe it, the thoughts and feelings I have had around December 4th is that logically both the Austrian election and Italian referendum should go to the libertarians, but on a feeling level, the bad guys, the liberal left are due for a victory.

So since the Austrian election has been re- called for election fraud I would have thought that one was in the bag and if the liberal left are going to have a victory it would be in Italy. Well, no, the Austrians have voted in their left wing candidate.

I cannot believe this, in Austria a 54 year old woman was killed by a migrant who hit her over the head with an iron bar and killed her. (after previously being locked up several times for criminal behaviour and released). He killed her for no reason.

What is it to really look at the left? I am reading a book at the moment about the Muslim grooming scandal in England. Teachers would have been able to stop it and have stopped prevention mechanisms for this crime, despite clearly witnessing in their everyday lives Muslims preying on and prostituting young girls. Because their unions are big funders of 'Unite Against Fascism'.

At what point do these people get some sort of karma for their behaviour? And more and more I realise, they are not just innocent, naive, well meaning people; the crimes they are supporting are flat out evil and they, those who vote left and support multi cuturalism in these efforts... deserve to suffer.

If we think about the Hillary vote, here we have someone who wants to de- facto start a world war, wants to shut down media of views she disagrees with, whose followers are violent, has encouraged criminal black supremacist group Black Lives Matter, has destroyed whole countries with her warmongering (Libya) and corruption (Haiti), has economic plans that will destroy the country she is being elected to and is strongly implicated in connection with Satanic paedophilia.

The left vote for her in their millions... MILLIONS. Perhaps not the amount that is recorded, the amount that is helped with the illegal immigrant and the dead vote, but still millions did vote for her. It defies any rational explanation.

Why is it that the selfish desires of a few people in power are able to blight the lives of millions? What rule in what heavenly realm gives them such priority in the natural order of things?

Leftism is a disease and even in my personal life I have noticed that some people that follow it tend to be more authoritarian, more supportive of things that are just dysfunctional and cause a feeling of trapped sickness all around, not understanding at all, and not at all respectful of the individual.

That statement is not true and depends on misperception of stressful incidences. This is the thing, leftist in real life are just people but when it become professional such as Unite Against Fascism it becomes a real problem.

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