Thursday, 29 December 2016

The Is-rael-ites.

I got into this all, this alt rightness, through a very strange mechanism.

Firstly, I spent my young life sensing certain things which made me know certain information was true and certain wasn't.

- Then I got interested in psychics.

- Then I read about 'the shift' (2012). On the way to understanding that I picked up information on the sciences.

- Then I found out who was stopping the clearly explained free energy devices and other things from being released.

- Then I got further into some very deep esoteric stuff.

- I eventually found the alt right by deciding that my further path forward on my 'positive path' was blocked so I would need to pay attention to politics to keep myself sane and in waiting for me to be able to sort out the life path a little more or at the very least, gain some sort of justice towards the people that have thrown me off it.

My study into the depths of this political information now is to gain a sense of what may happen in the future. You have to understand the present to understand the future.

But at the moment, my study into the 'truth' is getting a little heavy. I am studying Israel and the Jewish myths surrounding their history.

But I don't want the Jewish beliefs to be untrue. Unlike the Islamic religion which I have no particular positive predisposition towards, or the atheist beliefs that are ridiculously hypocritical, I have some personal connection with Jews. I like them as people. They are very strongly integrated into our society. They are intelligent which is very important for me to be able to connect with someone. Jewish girls are often very attractive. They offer a pleasing aesthetic sense rather than the inherent passive aggression of dressing in blankets.

As I take apart the beliefs most of them have, understand them and why they are wrong. It feels upsetting.

No more phytoestrogen

Several points now I have refused myself a soya linked food or drink. I am starting to feel like there might be more testosterone available to me though I was not consciously looking at it and expected any positive effect to be weeks not days. More thoughts of martial arts. It is interesting how these chemicals effect thoughts not bodies.

I also feel a sense of spiritual darkness and emptiness from the above predicament.

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