Saturday, 24 December 2016

Having to connect again.

One really deep sleep and some nice dreams can occasionally just break your mind out of a certain way of thinking.

This blog needs to go back into hibernation. Which means that either I don't write it some days or that I write the blogs and don't publicise them on social media.

The direction of everything has become very confusing. I have been locked out of my natural way of being. The way that is most comfortable for me... I am blocked from following those intuitions and that guidance from what I consider to be my higher self.

So the way I am doing things now is less sure, I am less sure of myself. There has been a lot of change at my workplace and the people that I had some sort of connection with (mind you in honesty not much of one) have left. There are two worlds. The one populated by the people that made up their minds quickly and left. I am not part of that one. The one populated by the new way the store is run and the hangers on... I am not part of that one either. But then no one is part of that one except perhaps some of those that are freshly employed.

This is not my readers problem but I did say I would not be pushing this on social media, because my 'compass' is not clearly pointing in the direction of where I want to take this all.

Paying attention to dreams though gives a feeling of connection to higher forces when they are written down. One of the best fictional ideas of that connection came in the series Star Trek Deep Space Nine, where captain Benjamin Sisko has a connection with the 'prophets'. When the connection is broken by rival spirits in one of the episodes he feels faint and the entire war, events not seemingly directly controlled by Sisko, started to go worse for the Federation. Now I have a connection again, or now that it is stronger, perhaps the way will become clear - even effecting events outside me?

At the first possible opportunity I will be watching this by Stefan Molyneux: Stefan Molyneux's Five Hour Christmas Spectacular. Stefan being sixth density has this stuff as part of him without referencing any higher spirits or whatnot. Listening to him will no doubt connect me again and... It will be nice to listen to. He relates to his listeners like friends! A festive cheer.

Another way I might be attempting to 'connect' is to become a member of Gaia and watch some of the things there. Now that I am well I will creatively realise a way to get myself properly connected!

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