Monday, 5 December 2016

Italy, hooray! Article 50.

Ha. Despite taking sleeping tablets that usually work well at 12:00 I have had one hours sleep!

Probably because they are herbal and rather than using them to overcome stress, I was trying to force myself to sleep before I was tired!

The Italian referendum went through with a landslide (> 60%) 'no'. Which means that Italy is likely facing a government change soon to a Eurosceptic party.

While there is a break in proper government for Italy, no doubt the European Union and any other globalist/ liberal opportunist will be attempting to take advantage of the power vacuum before an anti Globalist force starts using the levers of power.

Today is something I have just heard about, the case for Article 50 to go through is being made by the apparently pro Brexit government. This article also includes that Jeremy Corbyns government will vote through Article 50 regardless of if one of their chosen amendments gets put in the bill.

All in all this is quite good, we are getting news to 'consume' and it feels as though things are moving a bit.

I have had deep thoughts of how this all fits together but they just don't seem relevant now, these things will be background to events going forward. We await what no doubt will be an interesting news week. Stocks are up (well of course they are!), Benjamin Fulford will be updating today; and when Christmas comes I will be getting many books so that I can try and piece even more of all this together.

Good times!

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