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People, astrology, and markets.

Looks cool doesn't it? At least when I saw this post on my facebook I thought... Wow that looks interesting I'd like to read that!

However, apparently my viewers to this blog did not think so. Or more precisely, the blog viewers that come through social media. 

I have a hit counter that shows me how many people have read each blog. When I do not link these up on facebook and gab (and in the past twitter) my views are between 1/3rd and 1/10th of what they are when I do link them on social media... usually.

However, with this specific blog even though I DID publicise them on social media, I did not get additional hits than I normally get. This means that a lot of people saw the blog and would normally read my blog, however, decided not to read it.

This tells me a little something of my audience on social media. Any anti SJW/ leftist anti Twitter fodder gets quite a few views. The Gab and alt right community pride themselves on being 'rational' in relation to the atheist viewpoint of things as I understand it, that or they are Christians. These two people are the same group from my understanding because a lot of the time they shut their experience off at Saturn. They believe they have all the answers about the world that forbids further curiousity.

What we are now in is a mudfight. There was a time when the alternative community was more active. When there was more nourishment and continual discovery there. As things have gone on though these new age areas have become a warzone, because of:

A) A glass ceiling in the information that has been revealed. Before there was an opportunity to discover more information and to feel like the ways the community were pushing forward would bring some sort of solution. As things have continued however, every free energy device and science has been stunted, most Illuminati whistleblowers have gone quiet. People like David Wilcock have been threatened and grown exhausted leading them to partially check out. It has become obvious that ideas such as Fulford- esque 'mass arrests' are not practical or going to happen without our involvement.

B) Infiltration from the usual marxists, mostly feminists in this area.

Every time these things happen, the fight moves away from the high minded spiritual concepts that are considered and moves further down into a mudfight. So that eventually, we are down in the area of all having to be engaged in things that are direct and material. The arguments with Trump do not get to discussions about revealing military secrets that may have forbid free energy from us... We are defending a more immediate ground... and fighting on areas that everyone agrees on. 

So the attempt to validate "scientifically" some high minded group of metaphysical tools like astrology went away long ago. It is likely that as the alt right/ positive polarity starts winning, these things will go in reverse. First we will start with root chakra concerns such as the rule of law, global warming corruption, migration etc. Then we will move up!

This is not terrible. There is something good about it in that we are all in this together, and there is a shadow of that higher world reflected in this lower one. Those that are non curious and commit no energy to figuring out these things about the world, perhaps who rely on peer relationships for their world view, and stubbornly believe they are more correct than others who have invested time into understanding these thing; are those that are unthinking, and who have exposed themselves to the brainwashing that is the liberal media. It is those people who are being punished now in a way that can't really be called punishment, because it is cause and effect. But, to think of it like this, that there is a natural arrogance to someone who assumes they have the answers without the research and will fight to defend those points of view. That that arrogance as a feeling is a kind of condescension, and how because of that condescension, that lack of love and lack of wisdom, they have been set upon by a negative force that has brainwashed them.

That subtle condescension to people who express researched views, the one all conspiracy theorists know, the one that has no voice sometimes but is expressed silently through an emotion that travels through the air. This is the one that has been given form in the real world. And as it is squelched so does it feedback to it's creator/ victim.

So, after all that, I just want to note something else astrological:

So what we are looking at here. Firstly, Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces. Chiron, I have said again and again, whenever I talk about Chiron, is Russia and how the West treats Russia. It is our 'collective wound'. Chiron is to do with areas that are not part of anyones life path, they are an adaption. I have Chiron in the third house Gemini and I credit Chiron with the fact that the physical form of the ideas I express are precisely like this blog!

Saturn is a big part of the negative agenda and in any 'partial disclosure' it will be clear from the behaviour of Saturn vs. the outer planets what is actually going on. Because Saturn will not change even if the outward perspective changes.

Saturn is worshipped by some of these negative cults. The function of Saturn is discipline and when it is functioning in a service to others manner it performs the functions of the higher planets. Of course, when it is functioning service to self it locks out any healthy perspective of the outer planets. It is the totalitarian force that blocks out Higher sciences and free market ideals (Uranus), psychic realities (Neptune) and realisation of the deep and dark subconscious of the collective, i.e. conspiracy theory (Pluto).

So it is the establishment. Even though the cabal is very Plutonian, it expresses its power through Saturn. There are other planets at work at the moment as well:

There are two things that I am going to talk about in relation to this 'fake news' narrative:

A) Pluto and Mercury.
B) Saturn Square Chiron and Saturn trine Uranus.

Pluto, 'whatever the Illuminati happen to be doing' is almost conjunct Mercury 'news media and public perception'. Soon Mercury is going indirect, which means this communicative and news media area is suddenly going to have to re- evaluate itself, things will only change though once it goes direct again. Mercury goes indirect December 19th 10:56 and turns direct again January 8th 9:43... We know what might have changed at this point!

That is America's internals. The Russian aspect is shown by Saturn Chiron and will be aspected for quite a while. However, if things flip over to positive this aspect will obviously flip to a different manifestation. Likely, the news media's penalisation for misrepresenting Russia.

One other personal insight about Jupiter:

A personal mystery I just understood the other day as a small insight. I used to look into TV characters actors astrology. I always found these were consistent. (Interestingly not so though if the birthdate is stated as something else as it was in a fundamentalist Christian film I once watched. It has been locked off at Saturn. This leads to the additional insight that the idea of god as a physical man in the sky with a temper and foibles is Saturnian.)

One of the characters I found fascinating was a little girl in a series called 'Taken'. She has a psychic ability to do many things but one of them was to see into peoples minds and lives and offer them spiritual truths to escape their mental pain.

A young Dakota Fanning. Her astrology lists Pluto and Jupiter in her Seventh house. The Seventh house is how we deal with others one on one. So her Pluto is the part that sees underneath the surface to the psychological motivations and her Jupiter is the one that offers the spiritual truth that makes things better.

For me, I have the Pluto in the seventh house but my Jupiter is not there. It has made me realise that:

A) My Pluto without Jupiter means that I see and express what is there but there is no solution, just a cold understanding of someones motives and attributes.
B) Where my Jupiter is feels like a place where if I were to experience my flow everything would be lead from that direction and life would come together in a heavenly way.... This is Jupiter!

Things are progressing in the real world. Finance etc.

I was surprised I did not get this update from zerohedge, in fact zerohedge seems largely uninterested in Italy, perhaps they feel like they produce more hidden information than that and Italy is covered by the mainstream:

Hmm... Well I have few words? Bonds (yield)? Inflation? It seems to me like no one is sure that trains won't come off the tracks here but the mainstream media sure aren't going to bring this up so everyone is just trudging on!

Can't wait until Uranus direct etc.!

Here is more:


Well, this is pretty damning. After the stocks did not crash as the traders clearly thought they should have, the bonds started selling off.

You can ignore reality but you can't ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!

What is interesting here is that potentially, any return to sanity will include a market crash and a sudden reorientation, where the Marxists and those I have talked about above, the arrogant people. It would be where the alt righters research and attention to reality converts very quickly and into a real physical manifestation. Rather like the Trump election, but far more powerful.

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