Sunday, 11 December 2016

Basic blog. Warnings and Passing of the old world.

Basics on blog and this revolution:

Since I have not been promoting my posts on social media the viewing has gone vastly, vastly down; but... I am fine with that! I just don't see that the viewing gives me anything! I like to be heard when writing but for some reason I just don't see why that is particularly important. (I am not sure my viewing is above my own checking of my own posts).

Perhaps because I do this to outlet, to understand the world and collect my thoughts; but I don't actually get anything back from it. It is what I know I should be doing, it is a fall back in the case that my actual life path can't get going and an opportunistic move for a positive spiritual reason. I don't get money from it though, and there are few social benefits that I can think of offhand. I am not invested in being an online personality like a youtuber. So my blog just kind of 'is'.

Under a free market I would assume that people are pushed to do things they are good at for the highest good, there seems to be a disconnect here. I am reminded that I see the free market as a means to an end, not an end in itself.

So, there are a few dreams I have had that precognitively have in a very organic way told me things to do with the future, I will only briefly summarise here because a deep explanation isn't really relevant until these things happen, and explanations have already been given previously:

A) One where David Wilcock was on the BBC and the whole thing felt oppressive and wrong.
B) Given the net worth of Tony Blair and told things about peoples life path.

And, not a dream but still feels like a message, a woman who said the first things she saw when giving a psychic reading to me was a batman mask. (There are other things in this ongoing spiritual language)

The batman mask thing starts to make sense because Trump. Is. Batman... Trump tower is Wayne Tower. He is a brash playboy on the surface, inside thoughtful and cunning. Workaholic. Loads of other little links like that.

We are starting to see this change but it is not happening right this second. But it IS HAPPENING!

Warning and sociological change.

A small part of the reason I blog of course is simply to warn people, and I do consider that if a crash or a change happened and I hadn't warned people it would be unethical. Because even if close friends refuse to take my advice, and suffer and die in the streets for having ignored it, while everything works out fine for well prepped Joe, people do deserve to be warned about these things. If they refuse the warnings then that is their decision.

My online life is one where interaction is restricted to input without interaction and output without interaction. Where there is interaction there is conflict. With talking about astrology I have previously summarised and they do not want Trump followers there. With Stefan Molyneux I am censored on the forum. With youtube videos people take in things without being able to interact with them and with youtube comments and a lot of newspaper commenting like Disqus I say things and am not responded to most of the time.

With Gab there is a bit of interaction, not much but a bit. A few liked status' and other comments. LOADS of followers, I'd like to stop followers being added to notifications. With Twitter there is a clear line between two differing groups. Libertarians/ alt right saying things and liberal left saying things. I very often argue with the liberal left and then feel angry at them, so I follow them and make comments so that I do not feel they are allowed to get away with that, and so I can look forward to their reaction when they lose another election.

I spend a lot of my time tired from work and don't interact because of that reason, plus I am naturally a bit of an introvert.

Speaking of elections, excitingly, we may get another one here in the UK, and Italy has put in an establishment pawn without an election... So that excitement has gone there. More of the same I suppose.

The stock market is on drugs. It is really weird!

Trump is still perfect, I do not hold it against him he has hired Goldman Sachs peeps because they are the only ones who have the inside scoop on highly corrupt things like darkpools and such. I do like that he is still working against Chinese imperialism, and when someone produces a perspective internally that I don't understand as well as them but agree with, I always think that is the moment when something really good is happening!

The things being revealed about China reveal something hidden about how the cabal operates.

Passing of the old world:

An article I saw from someone on Gab:

Breitbart: Wash Post: Trump’s Election Stole My Desire to Look for a Partner
Stephanie Land writes at the Washington Post that Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election has robbed her of hope for the future, making dating a pointless endeavor:
This kind of strange 'emotional blackmail of the tribe'. Because the tribe is not doing what I want I will not be available to it as an oven' kind of thing, further emphasizes points already obvious.

For the left, the atheist, warmongering, state worshipping, liberal left; the highest goal is what the vagina offers her loyalty to. Because there is no deeper meaning. They are just using tribalism and the movement of power as their philosophy. The situation, as already explained in this article is that at the moment, through a very feminine left wing Orwellian rulership, women have 'absolute power' in liberal establishments. This is because the tribalism of the left puts the tribal rules of women being the most valuable at the top if its hierarchy.

Constrast this with the Trump/ libertarian/ free market phenomenon, and these people talk about different things. Their god is the free market and wealth. These people commit to something higher than women being the most valuable tribal members. They talk about the situation in Russia, rules on immigration and wealth. Indoctrination in schools. So it is clear that certain women that enjoyed the previous arrangement would now be very unhappy!

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