Friday, 2 December 2016

Liberals and demons.

I have gotten annoyed by twitter again, I had completely forgotten how stupid, annoying and pathetic liberals are. Consider this (this is shortened and is surrounded by even more stupidity):
Lefty: I'm not a liberal - I'm a socialist. 
Me: Not much difference these days. 
Lefty: that statement proves your complete lack of knowledge and intellect. Go and troll someone your own mental age. 
Me: Both the liberals and the socialist main aim is the 'redistribution of wealth via taxation' no? (And a few other points here I won't bore you with.) 
Lefty: those are all inarticulate generalisations that a right wing idealogue might repeat
Me: Wanting the 'redistribution of taxation' is not inarticulate at all. All things in the political area are generalisations. 
Lefty: actually you made specious generalised points about complex political narratives. You are right wing idiot. 
Me: Socialists and liberals support the redistribution of wealth via taxation... Simple point you can respond to. 
Lefty: so in short I don't want to engage with a complete moron so I won't. I am going to block you so please bugger off.
It is like dealing with someone with mental retardation! The guy just shut down on the most basic debating point and in comparison with this guy I was being far less conflict driven.

They will of course continue for a short while. But we see them losing. Also on twitter I got about 70 notifications of another conversation about how much everyone hates the new UKIP leadership... It was a little interesting but considering I get responded to relatively rarely on twitter it's kind of a bit annoying!

The action of demons on our planet:

This is a quoted section of the book 'Easy Meat' by Peter McLoughlin. I see him quoting his book on twitter and I don't think he would mind this having spoken to him online:
Our society has a veritable army of salaried staff who are responsible for the welfare and protection of children: Social workers, teachers, medical staff, police forces, charities and sociologists. Yet this grooming phenomenon has been covered up for decades... 
... In most cases there was no need to conspire to conceal what was happening: provided all their colleagues and related professions were kept silent by political correctness; omitting either to speak or to act was enough to ensure the grooming gangs could operate unimpeded
- Chapter 3, Chronology of a cover up, p61 First edition.

For those of you who don't know my background of getting into this political information is partly to do with an interest in some heavy duty metaphysics in which I do believe that positive and negative entities (extra terrestrials and "spirits") are heavily invested and influencing everyday events on our planet.

I know what the negative polarity get up to from these sources, they conquer new worlds and add territory to their empire, attempting to create slave cultures for their benefit. They psychicly influence positively polarised people who are getting in the way of their empire.

But I knew little of what they get up to if they are getting on with their everyday activities but maybe this is it! Perhaps the arguably unjustified fear people are getting about political correctness is the result of these entities efforts!

And furthermore, perhaps the negative entities are able to influence events because of the free will request of the Muslim involved? Are they praying to demons?

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