Friday, 9 December 2016

The force of Star Wars.

I have some weird symptoms. I am not well but the symptoms I have are just strange. So this is a short blog explaining that I will unlikely be blogging for a short while. (I am not promoting such a shot dull blog through social media).

I'm just recording a small thought recently about how similar the 'force' is to a Chinese medicinal concept of 'chi' and how 'chi' is meant to improve the health of its users. (of Chi- gong, Tai chi etc.)

I learned about this in martial arts. It is an interesting concept. These are dark times and 'desperate times require...

Also, how one of the only truly effective non violent methods of protest is the Chinese Falun Gong movement. I had a whole bunch of stuff to say once about how protest movements cannot gain ground without unity (Martin Luther King, Christianity etc.) But perhaps that is for another time.

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