Thursday, 14 July 2016

That was unexpected.

Theresa May's new cabinet involves David Davis, Boris Johnson and Liam Fox...

David Davis being the most important one here in my opinion. Someone who had the stones to almost overthrow the Tory party over Maastrich in 1992 is not someone that a faker would ally themselves with... Correct?

Who knows? I certainly don't. But this has been a welcome change of events.

The Labour party is pushing for a second referendum. Or the Blairite infiltrators that some think of as the Labour party... That is not an issue at the moment though... Theresa seems strong enough to be able to throw that off if she is on the level!

With stocks having soared above their 2015 high I'm not even so sure of a crash anymore either, as shown by my last post.

So, really, the extent of this update is that nothing is happening!

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