Thursday, 14 July 2016

Fitting events into my narrative.

I have written about a few of these terrorist incidents myself... Following on strongly from the idea that these are precisely timed false flags... This is a snippet of this thought process:

This process was repeated for the Brussels attack and the narrative was mentioned in relation to Orlando. (Which wasn't that long ago.)

However, this process does not makes sense here. The DOW is at all powerful highs and all the markets seem to have so completely disconnected from fundamentals that the market is in no danger. Plus the Chinese keep bailing the 'cabal' out... Or they did with Deutsche bank and who knows who else?

This recent terrorist attack is not timed to the market far as I can tell. What it is timed to though is political events... Since the 'Brexit' vote the peoples and politicians obedience to and fear of the EU has been a big thing on the agenda. The French have been carrying on mass protests that have even been violent, have sent their own protesters to jail and have exhausted police forces... It is possibly even verging on revolution...

Now a symbol of French rebellion... Bastille day... Is attacked? That is no coincidence and we will see where this goes.

Also, what will be interesting is when Theresa May and her cabinet respond to this event... The behaviours of someone who is for real and someone who is a cabal stooge will become obvious soon. Theresa has been known to praise Sharia law! If the negative agenda is coming through her then this is a big sticking point... The Libertarian community and by extension UKIP will be very angry if she turns out to be a fraud! Another person interesting in this regard will be Boris Johnson...

IF this was a cabal created event, then part of the plotting will have been that power players knew this was going to happen weeks in advance!


A strange thing for me is how prophetic some recent thoughts of mine have been. I read a Stephen King book where the antagonist was a computer programmer called the 'Mercedes killer' who had caused massive carnage by driving into large groups of people in a car to cause a lot of damage. He then went on to create a computer game that encouraged peoples suicidal tendencies with a lot of emphasis on the viral and social media element of this.

So... 'Mercedes' connection here doesn't need explaining. This being one of the only times in my life I would have any reason to think of this particular crime... And the other being this viral computer game and 'Pokemon Go'... Which I feel is a bit bizarre... I don't have much positive to say about 'Pokemon Go'!

My fear here is that Theresa May is as bad as I thought she was but her and her controllers are going to use excuses to stop Brexit that appear to come from outside... Whereas in fact it is certain people controlling them! She might be fine however, it might just be a fear... The test will be what she says tomorrow and the continual scrutiny of the Libertarian community.

The Stephen King book gives me a certain insight into how the bad guys think! It is very similar to other bad guys I have read about by what I consider to be good authors!

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