Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Nero blocked... Power on the internet.

Milo Yiannopoulos was recently blocked for a minor spat with a guy who played one of the main characters in the recent Ghost Busters.

He was blocked on the centralised and increasingly censorship based twitter. Centralisation is emerging as a common theme in general crappy behaviour. For instance, the financial system is centralised but bitcoin is not... That feature combined with other positive things means that you can do what you like with bitcoin. The cabal can watch anything you're doing with the money in your bank account though. In exquisite detail.

Milo followers are up in arms. #FreeMilo. But what can they do really? Twitter is like it is because Saudi money is financing it and Saudi money is financing it because twitter has few ways of monetising. It only has advertisement.

As a result of this it is offering a free service. If it is offering a free service then essentially it does not have to listen to complaints...

This is the same trend across the internet and it goes to the heart of the free market... :If any of you have been on divine cosmos, David Wilcocks site, you will know that anything but effusive praise for the great Wilcock will be blocked from the blog comment pages. This is not the only place where this happens but seems to happen wherever there is a movement based on someones personality or that a person would like based on someones personality as is the case with Stefan Molyneux:

This is how I have been for more than two days on free domain radios message board (despite re- registering!) The questions on Stefans website are:

How did you find Freedomain Radio?

What interests you about philosophy?

Why do you want to join the Freedomain Radio message board?

Who is the owner of free domain radio?

Now regardless of if this message board is to task, it can very easily be twisted to not be so (how effusive was your praise of Stefan Molyneux in this section? Did you seem to be receptive enough to blindly follow Stefans ideas?), because Stefan Molyneux is offering a free service and so he can do what he likes. He talks about how he struggles to offer value in order to remain relevant in his videos, and he would be aware that he can do what he likes when offering a free service like this.

So how would the libertarians fund a new site like twitter but without Jack Dromey at the helm? Who knows. There will be little incentive to do something that cannot monetise easily.

David Wilcock used to write a lot of free blogs but then had a couple of upsetting events and started doing about one blog post every 6 months and concentrating on his paid work. Recently he came out with a blog post and I put up a comment noting, (but not criticising), that not a lot of what he was saying was actually relevant to modern events... Which was blocked, then one of the army men who was close to Corey gave him the same feedback... So he was just resisting the message in a sense because of a lack of desire to follow the task/ responsibility he has been given to do.

This is the same motivation the world over... Stefan Molyneux will not like to be challenged and supports the scientifically bankrupt Darwinist atheist paradigm, and all the SJW's I've talked about in my personal friendship group also don't like feedback that may very well be what they need in order to grow spiritually, or to simplify, may simply be true!

But the only conclusion can be is that there is no conclusion here! I cannot see a way that social media can survive under the current situation. No one is going to make the Twitters, Molyneux's and Wilcocks of the world behave differently, or the more domestic tyrants/ SJW's... So we're stuck with it.

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