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Very general update. (English politics, Astrology, Social media, Sychronicity)

So, next things coming, but we don't know exactly what it is yet, we have some idea though...

This is interesting, so because of this synchronicity I'll talk about it...

This is within hours of the new moon. More accurately the new moon is at about 21:15 so should be at about the peak of emotion of this event.

Even though I find Labours party message of socialism difficult, I do think Jeremy knows the score and is not in with the cabal... I believe he knows that global warming is a fraud, didn't want to be in the European Union, and it was excellent he called for article 50 to be triggered immediately; and has said many things that basically outrightly say he knows the score.

If he gets power then it will be a good thing. Although I have identified myself as a libertarian and with UKIP very closely, I am really somewhat dispassionately watching the whole game play out... Preferring to see the moves on the chessboard without emotional charge.

He is in a very, very powerful position as leader of the opposition. After the next vote that will cement his leadership (Owen does look unlikely at this point) him, and Labour, could be instrumental in any coming political change.

The next thing as I've mentioned yesterday is Italy and we will see what happens with that tomorrow. But most probably nothing... I'm still slowly gathering my prep though. 

UKIP leadership election thus far is pretty slow and boring... I'm not a fan of Steven Woolf but I am of Jonathan Arnott... All I've seen of Steven Woolf so far is vague expressions of doing this and that... What I've seen from Jonathan Arnott is 'join Jonathan's campaign to reach out to non UKIP voters'. He delivers a 'fight' message right out the door... I have no time for pleasantries and neither did Nigel.


Click to enlarge... I've highlighted the relevant portions of this for people that understand astrology, rather than just state this or that may happen, or to explain (saturn square neptune trine sun inconjunct Uranus) or something like that. I'm simply going to highlight the relevant via a the letter it is labelled with.

So we start out with an energy being set but that no one really feels except people that are aware of such things, August 2nd (A). The energy that is set is that significant things can happen with law and such. Not as strong as Brexit but present for this cycle. As this energy grows there will be a strong emotional emphasis on this law and justice side of things and then things will move into a new focus in this area. This cycle of things actually happening in the real world in relation to karma is going to start this day and will last about six months. (B1 and B2, August 13/ 14). This endless problem I keep having with people not seeing consequences to their actions will start to shift at this point and in this cycle.

Then this will grow to a time of emotional intensity, but not abnormally so... Just like there is one every few weeks. But there will be a knowledge of the efficiency of a kind of revolutionary feeling (all these strange things that keep happening, Wikileaks, Russia - Syria, Trump, Brexit etc.) This is around August 16th (C) and in the two days after that there will be a crescendo of energy and intensity in the area of focus on idealistic and humanitarian concerns. (D)

Then there will be focus again on this law and order, and cause and effect, particularly in relation to the use of masculine forceful, willed energy. (August 24th, E). Finally, although these days will not see new excitement, anything that happens here is the result of the last few weeks (like political chaos after Brexit, chaos not initiated but is a reaction to earlier events). Eventually, the energy will die down, events will seem hopeful but stagnant, expectant... Then the next cycle will begin and it looks to be a cycle with the same connection with 'law and order/ justice/ karma' but with more conflict and confusion. It will also be a new cycle that is very focused on our direction as a society... Should be a good cycle. (September the 1st)

However, the cycle with a new moon beginning September will obviously be exciting and will have conflict because Labour and UKIP elections billed for that time.

Other general thoughts

I have seen this recently:

It seems like something that is not going to happen... But then again, there is every motivation to do so and the ball is already rolling.

A new social media platform committed to free speech, although, and one big drawback, it is more like facebook than twitter.

It's up in the air at the moment, but imagining for a second that there WAS a libertarian twitter out there and off the libertarians went, seems like it would be quite an event!

How many libertarians are there? Quite a few I should imagine, and even though they will not all follow this craze if about 50% of Americans support Trump and 50% of Brits support Brexit, 50% is a good estimation for simple purposes.

This group called the 'liberal left' that twitter protects. There is a difficulty defining the real left from the liberal left because they both share a certain preference for censorship and trying to outlaw things they disagree with by calling them 'racist' and other such names.

But the 'liberal' left are more likely those that would agree with the censorship that got Milo caught up... The 'real' left are made up of people that share some sort of love of big government (in the form of global warming and some policing of free speech and racist slurs) but are also, instinctively distrustful of that same establishment and will possibly vote out the EU... Often these people are quite caring as well... They are less hypocritical.

So, putting aspects of these problem people into one term might be SJW's. Terms are getting silly here. But if Libertarians left how would it effect these slacktivist socialists and others?

I can't really imagine it... This group specialises in angrily trying to tear down opposing opinions, sometimes correctly or incorrectly. They campaign against 'austerity', and consider bankers criminals that should be jailed, but also fight against people who might think Islam has fanatical elements that should be handled. It seems to me that without an opposition these people would not enjoy things so much despite the fact they block everyone all the time.

When they block people they do so because their ideas are challenged in a factual way they cannot fight against. This is when they put up a post like: 'We must not mix up Islam with these dreadful attacks'. Then someone might say... Ah, but according to this poll x% of Muslims... 

But imagine a totally SJW twitter of 10 people... Someone will say  'We must not mix up Islam with these dreadful attacks'... No one argues. Some people agree... Then, imagine on the next attack... who will even bring it up? Because the left is ongoingly engaged in an effort towards censorship, they want to get rid of Cologne from the headlines and stop talking about it because it obliterates their leftist case. But without anyone bringing it up or even suggesting that Islam is a problem in this regard, what are they going to talk about... The weather?

They will try to reach out if they ever find themselves in an echo chamber, because that's what religious zealots do. Or they will get bored... Producing their political opinions simply isn't where the excitement and interest is so they will not do it there.

Twitters business model seems shaky anyway. It discourages those that are there for a real reason, those who care about the information being tweeted, the committed social media peeps. They encourage people who like Ghostbusters actresses being able to ban people for jokes. They are quickly going to lose this second group to the next fad. Such as the amount twitter has already lost to Pokemon Go.

It seems like this is all the result of the fight against democracy I've talked about on the other thread... Where the government, Conservatives and Labour (musn't forget the EU too!) are trying to return to a time where the populace have no say and are impotent against their aggression. In other spheres this is happening too... The Guardian has steadfastly fought against the tide of popular opinion by stopping its comment sections and continually briefing (including sometimes lying) against Brexit and other related things... It is now in dire financial straites.


While I was writing the previous excerpt on astrology, I thought I had made a mistake by missing out 'E'... however, when I went back I realised I had in fact missed out an earlier letter so the 'F' chart was actually properly labelled and didn't need relabeling.

A girl at work I mentioned in my last blog post here:

She was unable to go to Germany because I would not re- arrange holiday (since she arranged last minute I suspect and attempted wanted to change around other peoples plans to meet hers... Surprised manager even indulged the idea)

Even though I started out thinking I could put on my holiday for a few days... A smirk and a nasty comment by one of the team leaders there at a point when I was not well anyway, meant that I realised I didn't have the energy to deal with her in the few days I would've worked so I immediately said I was keeping my holiday as it was.

I would not stop her going if I had the power to and she was going, but I do think there is a good chance this girl will get sexually harassed or raped in Germany at the current time, I saw this Paul Joseph Watson tweet (I have seen far worse on twitter about this subject as well):

I just wondered if there was any guidance to this event? Did guiding forces push the negative experience of the team members comment and dehydration linked problem I experienced at the time? It makes you think!

With the way things have gone I have had less faith in such things despite working with such forces. But it makes sense... They are still here with us guiding us even in these times!

Few ending notes:

However, when Saturn steps in later this month, we might start to see some pushback against all this leftist though... Protests against Merkel are already underway!

The karma of a new social media network may be exactly what I was referring to as well with consequences... If Libertarians did go... Twitter and the SJW community would be left with a choice. For twitter it would be to reverse this policy of censorship or lose people. Possibly go bankrupt... These sorts of changes usually begin with people at the top being fired. It is not clear that this would sort the problem though but it would be the best they can do. Probably the most upsetting thing here for twitter is the loss of face.

The SJW's would be left with... Do I stay on this dull social media network that isn't fulfilling my needs? (to evangelise and to get information, since Libertarians are the ones on the new information), or do I enter into this new social media network which may be a little scary for people like me? Is the block function as good as it would has been so far on twitter?

Perhaps this isn't relevant though but is a good thought exercise. Dave stated the social media site was less like twitter (which is fun) and more like facebook (which is boring).

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