Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Dark times.

Today, I probably feel a bit too stressed to blog.

There is an interesting video interviewing Geert Wilders, he outlines his opposition to Islam and states it has more anti semitism in it than Mein Kampf. From my reading so far the Jews are particularly harshly condemned more than any other group! He also makes the case that the left rely on Muslims for votes, stating that in one town in Holland the Muslim vote actually put them over.

Secondly this new wikileaks drop is interesting. I downloaded a bittorrent, or whatever it's called, the program that opens torrents. Two of them, one that cost £2.50. But I cannot use either of them.

Exasperating. I'd like to be able to look at these files!

But it feels BIG this drop. Twitters users/ hashtag Vault 7 is all the rage despite twitter not letting it into the top spaces.

I watched Star Trek Nemesis recently. The beginning starts off rather idyllic. Wine, a wedding, jokes, and the sense of community and ease that Star Trek has always had.

I cannot imagine there is any way my life will turn out like that. There is simply darkness in my past that has to be addressed, there is too much darkness in the future that we will all be exposed to.

Dark times.

(Later Edit: I'm wondering if Vault 7 is some sort of hit back by the deep state. Remember Julian Assange 101 etc.)

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