Monday, 13 March 2017

Feminist war against logic.

This has infuriated me:

LBC: A Victim Explains Why Education About Rape Needs More Than Logic

This woman is on a campaign against logic. The feminist way.

Firstly, she says that women should not be told that alcohol might be a problem in potentially getting raped, even though a judge has stated clearly that it is.

She compares it to saying if a man went out and got hit by a car it's comparable to telling him off for going out. No, it's comparable to telling him off to getting drunk of his face and walking in front of a car!

Presumably she wants to have a campaign telling men not to rape. As though a hardened criminal will give a crap what such a campaign would say. Also, I have never gone anywhere near raping a woman. Not even hinted at it. There are less rapist men than drunk women! So any campaign that blames all men is going to accuse more innocent people than a campaign shaming drunken slags.

Fucking people.

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