Monday, 13 March 2017

What is most likely at this point.

Wow, Benjamin Fulfords latest post, (that the readers here would likely have to wait until Thursday for if they are indeed interested), is really far out and interesting.

No doubt David will comment on this one.

As mentioned David Wilcock also thinks there will be a big change coming soon. It seems to be lining up. With also big events on the way in mainstream politics such as those already talked about a few times here on this blog.

Later today, Article 50 is going to be put through the commons again. There might be a Tory rebellion, or a Lords rebellion. However, it is likely neither of these will effectively rebel and it will be voted through today, announced tomorrow and then the Netherlands will have an election on Wednesday!

I remember yesterday overhearing BBC radio and them saying it won't likely go through and be announced Tuesday, but listening to them, it sounded more like they didn't want it to be!

We'll see what happens with the debt ceiling stuff as well!

Good times!

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