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Negative entities, laying out geopolitical manouevers healthcare/ stocks/ terrorism.

Off into some really weird esoteric stuff at the moment:

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 3-13-17… “World Freemasons gather in Tokyo to select new leader and golden age dawns”

This led to Leo Zagami of the P2 Freemason lodge visiting me in Tokyo and inviting me to visit the P2 in Italy. There I was taken by Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights, to a cathedral in Milan where there was a stained glass image of their god, the black sun. Mazzara told me it was a black hole in the center of the galaxy that communicated to them via the gamma wave spectrum. 
What I encountered at the Cathedral was a black void of what can only be described as anti-life, an entity that feeds on the life force. 
Apparently for thousands of years this entity have given enormous power and wealth to a select few in exchange for having them feed it human and animal sacrifices. This is what I call the Satan worshipping Khazarian mafia. 
The vision of the future held by P2 members like Mazzara was one of total war and destruction on this planet, something they thought was inevitable. 
However, an incredibly powerful light force entity confronted this black sun and threatened to delete the entire universe into zero and one or black and white unless it backed off. That is because the forces of darkness were getting so strong they threatened the entire structure of the universe. The entity backed off and fled this universe. This was seen as the Norway spiral event.
This has become a subject of a little discussion in the anti Trump whine fest that is the commenting section on David Wilcocks articles.

I believe this from Ben, I just intuitively believe it. Much of what Ben says is later retracted or considered to be absolute crap from the new age community. (But then a lot of the new age community are anti Trump communists, their judgement cannot be held up as necessarily relevant). However, a lot of what Ben says is given to him by nefarious/ mysterious sources. Things that he talks about from his own experience I believe are likely true. Because you can tell someone by the way they write, the way they talk, the company they keep and who vouches for them.

In 2009 I was studying at University, around the time of the Norway spiral things seemed to change for me a little looking back on it now. I was studying politics in an attempt to find a kind of secret power group against the cabal. However, this was dropped during my University years although I had not realised so consciously in favour of music.

The collected materials of llresearch, communicated that the higher self can sense danger to itself. It is my belief that for many of us on this planet, many with intuitive awareness/ connection with the higher, would be aware of this entity and furthermore would have taken more care on the personal spiritual level to direct their activities to self defence considering this dark entity posed a danger.

I notice this a lot with people I believe have had a long time on this earth before 2009. Where the adaptions have become habitual.

Article 50:

VERY happy this is going to be triggered Wednesday! To someone like me, the cultural changes and free market policies from this kind of thing are important. These things seem to go over the head of a lot of the more military minded in this area such as Benjamin Fulford, Steve Pieczenik and David Icke. Who are interested only in the 'real criminals' going to jail but for me the free market is a large part of the solution. Cultural movements and changes are highly important in fiction, such as in the show the 4400, which I think illustrates how exciting these things can be.

Trump and events of late:

So this is how I think things seem to have gone recently, and I said these things as they were happening:

A) Trump wants to make the changes he wants to the policies but has people/ globalists pushing for only a partial repeal of Obamacare that the intelligent people in this area think is no good.
B) He says he'll pass Ryancare, his base disagrees with it, hence, he has proven that it's not such a good idea to his party
C) If Ryancare were to go through the globalists in the stock market, the speculative traders, would be happy but it is opposed so they start dropping their stocks. They know full well government is interfering in the market and there will be no more free lunch when they are subjected to the free market.
D) Ryancare though is opposed. Traders dump their stocks.
E) The cabal are angry, the stock market needs to stay up regardless they cannot lose their wealth/ power and hence protection. Westminster carnage. (Doubles up as threats over article 50. Attacker was about 50 foot away from Theresa May!)
F) Ryancare doesn't go through, stocks open low on Monday but are rigged up momentarily. Dow opened today -150 is now at -50.

This need not imply that the terrorist attack in London is a false flag. The guy may have had no contact with the military (although I think he used to be a teacher in Saudi Arabia, with whom commandments on timing etc. could go communicated). He could also have been telepathically pushed by negative spirits as far as timing is concerned. 666 turns up at a lot of times in the stock market, very often when it's about to be rigged up when it looks like it could conceivably fall.


Looking forward to Wednesday!!!

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