Thursday, 2 March 2017

Cheap migrant labour. Running over the same ground.

Interesting article:

Daily Mail: Inside Hotel Excess: One guest blew £1,500 on ironing. Others leave supercars there all year. And staff (who earn a pittance) will do ANYTHING from ordering an elephant to flying in breastmilk
What isn’t very British are the staff. Of the hotels’s 610 employees, a staggering 80 per cent are foreign
This programme poses the question, but never quite answers it: How has a country like the UK, where history is littered with butlers, valets and maids, ended up with a service industry run by those from abroad
The thrust of the push against stopping free movement?

This sort of place would have to pay it's staff a lot more if there was not endless migrant labour in Britain!


But I have nothing more. I have begun looking at obesity a little as per wondering how the negative powers encourage obesity, binge drinking culture, and the rest of it. However, I have not read much yet.

I am up against the wall because my nodoff is running out. I was able to get to sleep for around six and a half hours yesterday and my new job is fairly unchallenging (and until I sort out some work documents my hours are fairly low as well). 

I also still need to narrow down this free market vs. corporatism/ Illuminati idea.

Geert Wilders in 12 days! 2 weeks on a Wednesday is the election, and 13 days until we have the result. 

Brexit stuff is going pretty slowly and pathetically. 

Stocks are at all time highs!

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