Wednesday, 5 July 2017

An example of three planets in an astrology chart.

I have been spending quite a bit of time, that could have been spent writing this blog, carefully excerpting this part of my chart on paint:

It probably doesn't mean much to many people, and even the people it does mean something to are probably not inclined to look at that small ugly picture closely.

Nevertheless, it is part of my chart that might be called an 'anti feminist bit'.

Three planets can be seen clearly here. Venus in the bottom corner, Neptune at the top and Pluto in the right side. This leads to these three aspects between these planets:

A) Venus inconjunct Neptune
B) Neptune Sextile Pluto
C) Venus square Pluto.

These are all at fairly exacting degrees. Within one degree therefore, they have an immovable aspect in my life. The Sun - Pluto within four degrees might give a person flexibility and self awareness. But in these aspects self awareness is more hard won. 

So here goes:

Venus is the planet of loving feelings, acceptance and femininity. Neptune is the planet of psychic insight. This is often skewed towards the feminine just because of the world we live in. Because men often prefer the grounded material relevant stuff and women prefer the more abstract emotions women are seen as being closer to the psychic and intuitive sense.

An inconjunct is an indirect aspect. Meaning that the aspect is best experienced that these two things have a connection but they do not need to be consciously brought together and if they are it will cause difficulty for the person.

In general in astrology you can guess where people will experience problems when they are younger because they will not use their own astrology properly, because of lack of experience. So a Saturn Mars person would not discipline their Mars when young and learn through trial and error that they do in fact need to do so perhaps.

So, a Venus- Neptune inconjunct, means that the person will likely, when they are young, place together these two aspects so that the grounded material girlness or womanness, will be fused with a psychicness and become a "goddess". Losing all her mortal flaws in this persons eyes.

This is the shallower use of the chart. The postage stamp consensus world view does not take in Pluto to any great degree so Pluto would happen for this person in relation to Venus "behind their back". So probably would be head over heels in love with a girl that was cheating as an example and be completely unable to see this because of the idealisation.

The insightfulness could also be good and the 'idealisation' could work in the opposite way as a kind of criminalisation. The Pluto insightfulness leading relief to bad ideas.

However, in this persons chart, the inner planets and Sun are thoroughly fused with the outer planets, so it is very unlikely that they will remain unaware of their surroundings for any length of time. Moon exactly conjunct retrograde Uranus means there will be constant intellect (Sun Uranus, Alex Jones and Rhian Sugden... Believe it or not!). Add bi quintiles and you have a life path that likely has to be acknowledged in some way.

So going deeper into this aspect. Below the surface of the Venus is Pluto in the seventh house via square. It means that the darkness of women will be actively perceived and even 'plunged into', sometimes perhaps without deliberate effort. Neptune sextile Pluto adds a psychic dimension to this. Pluto is also attached to Neptune that might make someone capable of perceiving the negativity that can be involved in a person in relation to psyche as part of a psychic world view or life path, and on the MC  Neptune is still close to the ninth house that might involve some philosophical thought!

Also, in relation to relating to the real world, Pluto in Scorpio means that the person might pick up insights of a Scorpio nature, [deleted]! I say that only because that has happened it is not obvious from the chart that this is how it would be experienced. Where would we be without these people?

Other parts of the chart will obviously impact, the whole thing works together. But I thought it would be interesting to explain these three planets.

This can all relate to a larger argument about leftism but that won't be done right at this moment... Gotta go to work see!

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