Thursday, 27 July 2017

Astrology/ World Change/ Pi.

New Laptop, the old one died on me!

Very twilight zone- e, the world I'm living right now. Strange sleep patterns and feelings pushed down in favour of larger political understandings definitely gives a kind of 'alienating' feel!


Recently a facebook internet friend gave me her chart! I am now learning more about astrology. Firstly, how important the ascendant is.

I remember on Elsa forum someone mentioning they had a Cancer ascendant and I was going through her posts, partly to surmise political opinion... Well there wasn't any with this woman, every single post was relationship this and feeling that. It was not irritating or oppressive, it was just she happened to think about more stereotypically feminine things!

Secondly, the contradictions one person can have in their chart. Also, that a lot of what I had previously thought about transits and the like seems to be correct... and the overall intuitive sense that someone will or will not be effected by something seems to be backed up by the chart and transits.

World change:

- California's deputy attourney general has been charged with child pornography.
- The previous highest arrest was Jacob Schwartz, who (allegedly) had pictures of children as young as six months old.

Creepy stuff. It feels like something is going to shift soon. In astrology I have heard it said that when things really seem like they are stuck it is when things are just about to change. Things very much seem like they are stuck at the moment. To me, it is not even worth following politics at the moment. My twitter has become very same-y. Trump is moving about, but Theresa May and the betrayers of Britain are certainly not!

A quick check of the news on North Korea and it becomes clear that what Benjamin Fulford has said about there potentially being a new war against North Korea is very likely.


I cannot figure out how to calculate pi on a three based system as a rational number. I wonder how anyone ever calculated pie to that many digits in the first place? It seems really quite bizarre.

What I am figuring out though is how loaded our current maths system is. When you are dividing into a number and going into decimals, why do we add a zero? Zero is not adding nothing as I was originally told. Zero is adding the ten system. If you want to create a twelve system you have to add two. If you want to create a nine system you have to get to nine somehow (and a nine system halved is 4 recurring! That is not useful!)

Exciting stuff. I am interested in extending the very basic 12 system into dividing and fractions. Perhaps the real use of such a system will become more apparent!

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