Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Great British Betrayal.

Nigel Farage wrote an article for the Telegraph today, although I have only read the two first paragraphs of the introduction (It costs £1 to get access to all Telegraph articles for 24 hours.) Those paragraphs plus his normal narrative says it all. We are being betrayed. Immigration is not going to stop. This is: The Great British Betrayal!

Not really a surprise. However, for me, I do actually palpably regret voting Tory. The warning signs were there including the Conservative MP for the area being a remainer that refused to publicly disclose which way she voted. But I couldn't stand the Labour MP so much that it pushed me that extra few yards.

But I regret doing that. Our area only had two rabid remainers and no UKIP candidate! Like Raheem Kassam and another person I respect but can't remember who that was. I think I should not have voted!

Corbyn is really not a globalist now. I do believe the Manchester terrorist attack at the time was because he was gaining momentum! I hope there is another election soon and we can have Corbyn as prime minister.

It looks like Poland is having trouble with the EU, the EU opposes changes to their law system and will stop them from being able to vote if they do not withdraw them... But I've lost hope that anything is going to change with that. Orban seems tough and he is in line with Trump but I have no faith that he will stand up to the EU. I've lost hope.

My counting system has come along a little. I'm a little off put by being so enthusiastic about it yesterday that I could not get on with semi important domestic concerns, such as giving attention to my diet!

Anyway, only one more small note. Bombard has done a body language breakdown of McCann's parents. It's good to note when a situation actually ISN'T a conspiracy theory, despite their being such theories around. Bombard holds them to be honest!

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