Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Number system/ Pleasing Banter, laughs.

The slightly weird life I live. I am putting in energy into controlling my diabetes and likely, when I have done so and properly created a pattern that works for my bloodsugars I will sleep better and things will be a bit easier to me, and then it would be possible to raise my hours if I wanted.

However, another problem. My bloodsugar machine malfunctioned, and the next priority is getting a new one. So my bloodsugars went up and this is exhausting. It kind of steals from the inside of me!

Still on the number system.

I am still thinking of this new number system. I wrote to Gaia and they told me that they would not give me the name of the guy writing a book on it and that he was still working on it. That means that it likely will have only gone to print and come out by spring of next year, April or May time. By then we may have had our political change anyway!

Just for the laughs:

That one made me almost cry with laughter!

Also, I'm still thinking it would change the structure of everything .It will change technology. It will mean that people off 4 chan could create bots more powerful than anything we have now. It would likely work with the mind and make maths easier. But I cannot figure out how it makes pie a rational number because a new number system in itself does not change the actual numbers" Pie isn't a percentage!


I actually got that as I was speaking then genuinely!

I have so much work to do!

Pleasing banter:

This is only a small point and not one that meets the magnificentness of my just realised wisdom. But I have noticed how humour seems easier with guys than with girls.

For instance, I have been thinking two friends and I will not be able to make a recent arrangement, so to voice my fears I humorously took the worst parts of each of our natures and said this:
Seriously, I'm not sure between a drunk, a lazy person and a badly controlled diabetic if we will be able to get to x by y time, but it's nice to have goals!

The laughs.

However, a small point with a female in my vicinity has caused some upset and I probably won't be seeing the person for a while! An absolutely minor point so the ego stripping jokes I have with friends will probably not be enjoyed between me and that person.

I also knew a girl who was quite funny on twitter who just got plain weird when I called her 'cutie' one time!

But in seriousness there are a lot of other very positive things about women. That's just a tendency, one that is reflected in the politics of left and right?

Which one is it that doesn't have the humour?

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