Sunday, 9 July 2017

General/ Interesting source/ Losing faith in politics.

Wow, boosting my post on Minds did absolutely nothing! (200 views apparently!)

Minds has become a sort of cult like place of "content creators" and so, when you are on there, unlike twitter or facebook every single post requires a huge investment of energy to interact with... Like... Pages of a blog/ news or opinion piece or hours of a video!

General and underwork:

Off to my job soon that is feeling slightly twilight zone-y! I have just finished writing my diary for yesterday because I forgot before I went to bed. I have found, and anyone who is getting stressed recently might find this useful. I have found it does reduce stress by allowing me to offload feelings!

What do I have to be stressed about? Well, I am kind of underwork which I am finding out is quite irritating. Rather than investing my time in doing things to get money I am spending a great deal of time thinking and somewhat going round in circles. Producing loads of ideas and thought that are unproductive!

So many little things I need to attend to that have not been done. I need to carry on with getting rid of dust, (which is a boring priority with allergies!) I need to control my bloodsugars better and after those first two I need to get on with jobsearching. There are other things I need to do as well.

Crazy astrological thoughts!

When I started tidying I had a theory that if I tidied as I was being stimulated to by Mars and the Sun moving into my fourth house, then the people that relate to the star sign at my IC... my relationship with them will improve. This has a lot of implications because... Is the sign where my Chiron is a place where I am likely to meet wounded people?... and so on and so on!

It depends on how we are defining "improve" though because there are times when a truth will upset a situation perhaps. However, a lie is almost never good in my opinion... But I'm just mentioning my definition of "improve" might not be the same as other peoples!


Regardless here is a woman that does absolutely fascinating youtube videos:

And here is a funny one:

This one makes me wonder about womens relationship to 'humiliation'. It seems to me that it is a feminine thing because women fuss a lot about emotions and analysing who is dominant in this or that situation. However, men humiliate and bully people as well, the difference is they sometimes don't even realise they are doing it!

This is no indictment though. Humiliation is needed sometimes for people that refuse to admit when they are wrong... Like CNN! Macron is an evil human being... Or at least the forces he represent are... For what he's doing to France!

Also, this is a source I read a bit and where I got this youtuber to begin with but I have had little reason to actually quote them directly so thought I would drop that here:


That's all there is at the moment because I seem to be a bit overloaded with different information I have been collating! Also, that feel when going to a job you're not sure of! I did not feel this with my last job.

While I am very happy about the Russian - US ceasefire in Syria, I am losing faith a bit in politics that is perhaps reflected in this blog.

Good news on the EU front though!

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