Sunday, 16 July 2017

Liberals... Huh!

Liberals huh?

What I am starting to find fascinating about Liberals is that... According to their body language... they actually believe what they are saying.

They are not frightened of a master that is telling them to say what they are, they are not sadistically enjoying hurting people. They actually believe in feminism, the gender wage gap, or that they are being persecuted when they are in fact being responded to for saying awful things.

Perhaps this is some variation of the Dunning Krueger effect in that I have not been able to imagine believing what liberals do. So when I imagine the mindset that would tell other people these things seriously the only thing I can come up with is to sadistically enjoy destroying society!

Kathy Griffin:

Justin Trudeau:

There are more people that she analyses and simply says: They are now in their belief system and they really believe what they are saying!

Tired of liberals:

As I was writing this, someone added a confrontational comment to something I said on youtube for the cheek of saying that while I did not agree with this persons viewpoints, they were a good comedian.

The cheek of not agreeing with leftists viewpoints.

This is all getting very samey:

Nevertheless, on an instinctual level I can feel things about to change. There is a certain pleasure in the idea these peoples legitimate belief systems will be broken!

A lot of times I seem to interact with people online or in real life and I make good points and they get passive aggressively angry. But not all people. There are some good people. But a lot are like that. In fact as I've said before the pure amount of leftist/ liberal types is just amazing.

So, I have two liberal astrology charts with times: Justin Trudeau and Kathy Griffin. Two more and I can say something about why they are the way they are!

I have also been doing the very interesting task of looking at how the eclipses will effect people I personally know. Everything seems to line up nicely!

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