Saturday, 22 July 2017

Digital revolution.

Perhaps a non publish today (once I got going though I changed that to a regular post). My change in insulin has given me such a vicious going over I don't feel quite right:

Although good news... My bloodsugars is very well controlled now and as a result I slept like a baby! It's like I'm in a healing mode. All the months of high insulin gave me loads of energy and kept me in a constant, anxious, fight or flight.

An article here that is interesting and which I will watch the video on soon:

Stillness in the Storm: Many Elite Headed to Prison for Child Sex Trafficking
Did you know that in Trump’s first 30 days in office, his people, mainly Attorney General Jeff Sessions, prosecuted 1,500 sex traffickers? To date, Trump/Sessions have prosecuted 3,500 child-sex-traffickers
However, today is very much a waning moon day. I feel very unusual. (Last day of the moon cycle, i.e. new moon cycle starts tomorrow so no new energy today).

The Benjamin Fulford blog:

On another small note Benjamin Fulford has a new webmaster who knows his stuff (it appears the old webmaster did absolutely nothing at all!) I wonder if what is happening with Benjamins comment section on his blogs is a reflection of what will happen when the hard liberal left are no longer funded!

I realise this will be a bit of a story to those who have not heard of this! For ages on this comment section, there has been a guy called Caleb Brennan with an avatar of what might be marijuana, putting out loads and loads and loads of liberal commentary. Although I simply ignored him after dealing with him proved to be impossible, whenever he engaged with people he came out with extremely nasty things, the example one woman gave was that he said that he hoped her dying mother would die sooner rather than later.

Because of Caleb, many people have left! One actually stated he/ she had left because of Caleb when the systems payments got messed up and anyone who had ever been a member was allowed to post. Many, many other have been suspected of leaving because of him.

The guy has been commenting on that blog for years!

So why did not Ben remove him?... Apparently, according to the commenters on the blog, a previous commenter that had talked to Ben (whose honesty I trust) posted a letter from Ben stating that Ben could not get rid of Caleb because he has "agency help"!

The Deep State Agenda:

I will come back to that but just to bring in another thread. Two people recently, two youtubers have talked online, on the same day, about how real protest is needed not just people going on the internet (Brittany Pettibone and Stefan Molyneux)!

It has made me wonder what is stopping this happening! There is definitely the will. Now, Bens new webmaster got a bloodied teddy bear in the mail. The deep state does not want the blog improved and the comment section flowing.

Why? Possible reasons are that a good commenting section allows people to voice opinions opposing the government. There is a pattern that freedom lovers like Breitbart and Zerohedge have a comment section while left wing outlets like the Guardian do not!

Two main reasons I can think of 1) That a good comment section attracts people and people believing in Ben and going on his site is something the Deep State would rather avoid 2) That the information shared on that comment section is also something the deep state does not want seen 3) That people gathering together, even online, is a problem that deep state would rather avoid.

I wonder about 3. In general intimidation tactics used by the left are used to stop people on the truthseeking right from gathering and certainly from protesting. Has there been a massive deep state effort to prevent precisely this? What Stefan Molyneux and Brittany Pettibone talked about in those clips? Have they deliberately set out to stop people gathering together.

I notice some strange- ish trolls on Bring4th when I was there who seemed to jump in deliberately to break things up when people seemed to agree on political ideas.

As above, so below:

The other interesting thing is that clearly how people react on a comment site like this is a microcosm of how society might react.

When the liberal left groups funding disappears what will happen?

It seemed to me that the leftists, the casual left, are not forceful people, and they do whither in the face of taking on a whole group of people who are more right wing/ pro Trump. Someone like this paid troll Caleb offers them the strength they do not have in order that their views be represented!

So will that happen in life then? Will the truthseekers become dominant and the left sort of go quiet because they aren't relying on the mainstream media anymore to bolster their strength?

The globalists, far from being god like tyrants are now more like nagging wives. Following this video from Lauren Southern on patreon:

Holy hell that photo! You can see the whole one on -->

Digital rebellion:

Anyway, as though my concentration had been broken by a great pair of breasts. At the end of this video she states:

7:10: "Until, something better comes along that replaces patreon and I've certainly heard some rumours something like that is coming along".

Patreon has been infiltrated by anti Fa. If something else does come along then the populist right movement will support it. In general, David Seaman talks about an ethereum blockchain. The technology is happening. It appears with all the assaults, the populist right movement was taken by surprise but now they have adapted, now they have gab, and minds and are taking bitcoin and ethereum seriously.

So in that way, there is some sort of push back against the deep state!

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