Saturday, 20 June 2015

Two (three?) interesting articles.

1) Telegraph: 
Millionaires prepare to launch £20million non-political campaign for Britain to quit European Union 

OK. So the big thing to the Illuminati is the EU. More important than the US according to Svali. I don't know if things will really be still standing in September but it is pretty cool that millions is being spent towards getting us out of the European Union.

Perhaps this is an attempt to control the narrative. Perhaps these groups will side with Cameron after a false show and finally being 'convinced' that they should stay in the EU. But millions in advertising means nonetheless, it should bring it to the centre stage. (Disclosure is happening pretty slowly at the moment)

2) Telegraph:

Competition will force the BBC to save itself – or die

Another ambiguous article about a man who wants to improve the BBC. This is interesting timing since the BBC is pro EU. (They will 'force' it to be unbiased.)

I have wondered what deals are being struck and how the good and the bad is all configured at the moment.  Is there some push from the positive? The end of the EU is the end of the Illuminati. Greece is irrelevant.

3) The last article I believe to be propoganda but to read between the lines of this:

UK at risk: Putin's Russia 'funding cyber terrorists targeting West under guise of ISIS'

The idea is that Russia is funding militants who are hacking into TV stations promoting ISIS. This is stupid but reveals something of the negative agenda

i) They are worried mainstream media is going to be hacked at disclosure.
ii) They are considering blaming Russia for US funding and film work of and for ISIS. 

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