Monday, 29 June 2015

Lesson I have learnt.

The lesson I have learnt somewhat to my detriment, or in a deeper sense probably my benefit, is that, if you don't have special info. into global political events, you simply don't have the intelligence to work in that area.

I went to an event, 'Solidarity with Greece'. I was giddy with the excitement of the stock market crash, feeling sure it would tumble down and us 'working class' would be left to our own devices. It was a wasted train journey, and a kind of 'hellish one' I do not want to go back to London EVER. It smells awful. I can smell people's sweat, I can sometimes smell something sexual, the smell of food, and overly scented flowers.

And the place is too crowded. There are people always in close vicinity.

Nevertheless, 'solidarity with Greece' was dead by the time I arrived. It confirmed all the worst things about the left. They were kids just hanging about some of them listening to music. Passersby watching them in some strange way. Perhaps the event had already ended.

Anyway, I got home and saw 2666 people had signed up to the event, and through a process I eventually realised that I had the wrong end of the stick. The stock market crash news I have been following wasn't really strictly correct. I have been beaten back so furiously by this event I am lost for words.

So, in regards to acting on my own info and going out and doing things based on it, that ends here. If I do become politically active it may be with UKIP who are similar to an intelligence service in some way, having MEP's and powerful economic perspectives. I may not even bother then.

My spirituality will have to be addressed again. DW has said that the negative entities have their own problems right now. So possibly there will be less pressure, possibly there never was any except for certain circumstances.

But if there is a problem I will have to consider suppression, withdrawal etc. More often. The trouble with my energy system. The main trouble I have IMO is that my astrology is slanted in such a way that I only have powerful, complex, but ultimately limited tools with which to deal with things.

I felt VERY good about the 'holding lower energies' improvement, day 26 and I couldn't believe the positivity of it. I was having changes in my life and experiencing increased energy and purpose. However, I 'released' in the night. There were a few different factors this could have been because of (most likely, sleeping in the aura of a dog earlier to this event. From the dog I psychicly absorb a rather non compromising sexuality) and I didn't lose 'emotional energy' which is an important part of it. The practice continues but it has had that lapse.

So, the scariest thing to do! Just be normal and put the politics on the back burner. Still following the ET based stuff. I.e Corey/ David. But will be VERY careful with the 'financial- war' side of things

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