Saturday, 20 June 2015

Interesting few thoughts.

I'm having an interesting few thoughts:

A) 'We are change'. Interesting. From it I have found a new social networking site. And the fact Google chrome is putting software on it's users computers that records their voices, (and goes back to who knows where). It also seems like Bilderberg is the 'real deal' not a distraction. Journalists in the hotel felt a bad energy, I believe the negative entities of whatever was about to go down.

B) My lower chakras are getting more powerful. For weeks I spent time going down to this IT course and part of my thought process around this was that there was a girl that I felt was giving signals and I had no idea if it would go either way. Essentially I have come to the conclusion that me putting energy into that has been a kind of 'vampiring' of my energy and that this has happened very often and is very important to previous problems I have had.

However, keeping my lower chakras from 'releasing' (i.e. not masturbating) and I am becoming more powerful and aware. Perhaps somehow I will be protected from this in some way. The most vulnerable you can be to this kind of thing I believe is to engage in lots of idealistic 'higher chakra' thoughts and have no 'lower chakra' protection. Which is more realistic and dedicated to sorting out your 'power' etc.

More relevant is that obviously if you are giving up your energy to a girl in the form of masturbation you are allowing a pretty awful energy loss and 'vampirism'. Possibly as these things happen and you don't succumb your energy becomes more protected and 'karma' is more active. Before this problem has been many times worse for me (One very powerful case in 2003). Perhaps why DW's early channeling stressed both not masturbating and 'not looking at girls in lust'. I believe at the moment his early channeling was more powerful than any of the work he is doing currently, or perhaps even since, this original work.

Also, the energy from masturbation going to past 'nasties' that have drained your energy in that regard (I.e. Implying but not giving anything).I intuitively feel that withdrawing my energy there and some karmic response not being snuffed out from my 'energy' will lead to the resumption of karma, i.e. pressure on the girls involved. Perhaps robbed of a coping mechanism from my energy and having to use their own to face a challenge.

Feeling a girl is my 'soulmate' etc. and the original problems including being hospitalised could have come from an extremely high vibration of these problems (my vibration could be a little less powerful since I have stopped meditating.) After a year of non masturbating we will have to see.

C) I have a potential site for blogging and a proper website (I like this blog fine but there are other options). I can load loads of information on a website including global warming data etc.

D) I was not present at the anti -austerity protests today, I feel very threatened and ignored that everything I said to the anti- austerity people is ignored and they are happy for an 'anti UKIP' pro EU- agenda to prevail. I am happy that LGBT- UKIP will be present at London Pride.

I feel there is something good about it all, it softens the fear, but feel generally suspicious of the whole group and don't know it won't be a little used for whatever purpose. I 'eye with caution'.

E) Corey producing info. On Mars. Looking forward to this.

F) Venus in the night sky yesterday over my Sun at 12 degrees Leo. I have not missed this.

(On Twitter, there has at least been people shouting at Tories and not mentioning UKIP. I think this is a good sign. The left do not know what to do with UKIP at the moment. Although those that hate UKIP are still in there!)

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