Wednesday, 24 June 2015

An idea and I can't contain my excitement.

I'm going to a volunteering place tomorrow. Engaging in the 'real world' a little.

I am bursting with excitement though, which may make the potential three and a half hours sleep I have the opportunity for a little difficult.

I have found a new and very interesting site, someone politically active, intelligent, but with less tendencies to express views that others find difficult and quite an impressive way of putting facts together, here is this persons 'stats and facts' page. Interesting facts in the UK divided into; Economy, Welfare, Housing, The media, MP's and Politicians, (During the 5 year coalition government Nick Clegg voted with the government on 99.6% of issues)  Immigration, Equality and Poverty, and War.

This person has also written very sensible articles. Perhaps I could write an article on proper strategy, and importantly; that affluence isn't the enemy. It sounds nuts right, as though money automatically stops people having a conscience. But it's what I've seen people on Twitter saying and incidentally, this and surrounding areas are important for the left wing to be classed as 'people', rather than 'left'.

[I wrote this article and I deleted it. I don't think this is my path. Perhaps it is somehow but sleep is first. 2 hours and a half now potentially.]

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