Friday, 12 June 2015

Continuing on dumping.

My brain is still on fire.

What I said on DW's post was that the negative attention from terrestrial forces on wanderers probably didn't do much damage and probably allowed them to work on the lower chakras whereas if they had been allowed to freely raise in vibration, by free will would have been in potential contact with neg aliens.

The Illuminati's strategy has always been a bit lax, what they should have done is work a little bit more on the third density people here.

A wanderer, expecially a 5D one, will have an immune system. If they are attacked they will search on a subconscious level for the best way to fight against it. If they are left to their own devices they are a little ineffectual, since none of the earth agression bothers them really and they are a little too into wisdom that doesn't necessarily help anyone.

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