Friday, 26 June 2015

Subsided. (Reprinted from bring4th blog)

I have to admit that rather bizarre interpretation has subsided.

It was strange. I kept feeling I had to produce information or 'my soul would die'. The information was wisdom of 'that which is not'. It is probably true in some circumstance, it is not 'wrong per sey' it just doesn't apply in the vast majority of circumstances.

Pretty weird. It could have been something to do with having the wrong idea on a global political matter but how that had such strong repercussions in my psyche I don't know.

All my decisions in that period are up for 'modification'. Obviously, I've not felt this bring4th blog is the best for my long term interests (i.e. if I write my other blog it is more likely that after time I will be able to transition this into something that is more relevant to me. Whereas if I stay here I might get sucked into the 'forum'. Or get in a personality dispute over some information.)

Anyway, good luck to anyone who is reading. It all adds to our knowledge!

Just reprinted in this blog: This applies to my Bring4th blog and not this one.

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