Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The truth behind the lie.

I know three female Labour supporters. Every one of them is now, or has been at some point in their lives, unfaithful. Is largely forgiving of the male sex drive, likes sex (apparently), is extremely maternal. Able to use feminine gifts easily.

Two of these are Labourites whom support strongly the man made global warming theory. Both of these have said something against UKIP at some point.

I have noticed a certain pattern in the people I have dealt with. Certain beliefs that seem to come together with such unerring accuracy.

Establishment, believes in man made global warming, has inflexible neo- liberal view about gay rights, supports Naomi Clein shock doctrine thinking, believes in the left wing, feminist, against 'misogynist' men, moral highground, and a behaviour that has expanded from here but I feel is common is inability to admit when clearly proven they are wrong. Perhaps Labour supporters share these views. They tend to believe, as I have read from a Telegraph comment page, that non Labour supporting working class are 'misogynistic, racist and homophobic people that need the guidance of Labour supporters.'

Out of those whom support the 'man made global warming' theory I have found that there is a similar inflexibility and that their support of these theories extends in some cases to a 'cult', in fact that is being pleasant... All cases. I have been around Christians who were fundamentally closed minded but accepting and a little open minded. They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on global warming activists.

These views need to all link together and it is kind of the rebellion against the establishment. In my view the truths are: Astrology, chakra's and esoteric ideas are correct, people have the free will to come to their own decisions and that is their best direction if following the positive path (although in times of war there are tensions), free energy and time travel technology is easily explainable and fairly easy to create, the current problems in the financial system is the dying of the negative polarity here on earth and is caused by moves against the negative players on earth by BRICS.

The establishment view basically kills each of these ideas. We have not found ET's (suppression). Darwinist science is the correct philosophy (supression of other realities), political ideas have to fit under a 'wing' of associated ideas rather than using common sense.

So, what these activists are is the establishments solution to being treated badly by a corrupt government. A true viewpoint IMO doesn't really recognise the reality of the negative forces view. This 'rebellious' viewpoint rebels against it but only under very rigid fixed norms that cannot be violated.

So, when the establishment says 'UKIP is racist'. These people believe it. It fits in with their narrative and they have been co- opted against common sense, which is amazing when you think about it. Rather than thinking 'we give £53 million a day to the EU which is a set of dictators that attempts to pass laws like TTIP and destroys our fishing industry' and 'these Muslim people are causing XYZ crimes because their religion tells them to'. The response is 'No can't look at that we need to pressure those corrupt MEP's (the ones that have spent almost every day of their adult lives standing up to the establishment) we need to pressure those corrupt MEP's to do our bidding.'

Idiots. As the stock market crumbles and they are forcibly shown things that are against their version of reality these people will likely go into shock. Although listening to my ranting views may have prepared some of them.  

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