Monday, 8 June 2015

The feel of the Euro.

My previous post on Bring4th talked about the fact that lightning hit the top of the One World Trade Centre in America.

However, nothing SEEMED to happen in Greece. But very little SEEMED to happen when the Pope first left, but the moves that did happen heralded a fundamental change.

Greece has essentially in 'word' for refused to give up their June 5th payment and changed the narrative slightly. Refused to be condemned and to hold the perception of the EU as godly and doing no wrong.

It is also getting ready to bring to the table criminal charges against the financial parts of the EU on the 2010 deal, and reparations for Nazi war crimes and loans from Greece.

The fundamental 'paradigm' shift though is that there is a different feel. Without the EU ordering Greece around and Greece grovelling and paying money. When Greece do not pay and get away with it. There is a feel of an uncomfortable limbo. The rules have been suspended. There is no longer stress in the financial system because there are no rules! It's a strange sensation. Perhaps one that positive polarity can grow under.

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