Thursday, 18 June 2015

The strangeness of life.

I don't 'stick' to anything.

I don't seem to be 'like' everyone else here. Life seems to travel on for most people in that they have their groups of friends and they plug on in whatever they are doing.

For me though this isn't happening. When I try and meet people I often find them to be too stupid. As per the last example, someone who believes in man made global warming and that UKIP is racist is stupid, I can't hang around these people.

So life continues in utter 'liquidity'. I have a small set of friends from school which I appreciate but the main one of whom is in London and is unreliable. I might see him soon,  or I may not see him for another 6 months. Without this friend I won't see the others and may not wish to, I have one other close friend and some family.

But aside from that, structures that stay solid in my life are few and far between. All the hundreds of people I knew from, school, college, university, my first job (4 years), my volunteer job (1 year and quite close); all these hundreds of people have utterly disappeared from my life. As though they never existed, I never see them, never talk to them, have no idea about their lives or the humanity flowing through them; most of the important ones wouldn't respond over facebook if I contacted them.

I have been retaining my 'lower' energies to some quite fantastic success. My energy level in the early morning has definitively improved. I am going to a market course thingy for a propsective job tommorrow and an induction for a volunteer job next week. Perhaps my South Node is drawing catalyst in who knows.

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