Thursday, 25 June 2015

Obviously... (Updated 3:33, 42, 50)

Holding the self together with things that are harder on the lower chakras and perhaps a little STS. Is preferable most probably to madness.

Of course, when this all comes out people will be able to go through these and there will be no option to believe that I am crazy, since there will be understanding of the forces involved. Another aspect of 'Judgement day'.

In the previous example, if the 'husband' had allowed his energy to be drained by 'releasing his lower energy' then the couple would get less karma because he would be less strong and they would have an energy to dampen their own guilt.

In regards to any circumstances, not keeping your lower energy centers proper is a sure fire way to lose any energetic 'war' where there is an agenda for an energy other than love. :).

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